15+ Adorable Comics About Gay Couple’s Everyday Life

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Love is a beautiful thing and it’s even more amazing when depicted in a natural, sweetened way.

Meet Robin, 17, and Julien, 19 – two young men who are about to overcome your natures. These sons have probably the cutest and most loving relationship that is represented in pastel comics created by Wonsun Jin from Australia.

The author has pointed out that the story of Robin and Julien is exclusively myth, but that doesn’t remained unchanged beauty.

The two main attributes have differing temperaments that complement each other. Robin is more of a stay-at-home type of guy who loves pizza, video games and tv, while Julien is an outgoing, spontaneous human with adore for plays. Together, these sons create a tale of cherish and understanding through funny hitherto cute daily situations.

Bellow, you can find some of the comics about this adorable duet. Which one is your favourite? Make us know.

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