7 Really Dumb Intellects to Leave Your Church

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“There are certainly valid intellects to leave a religion. But there are many more terrible reasons…”

By Frank Powell

Church hopping. Its like Jesus hopscotch. With a Buick or Cadillac instead of Nikes or Reeboks. And everyone seems to be playing. Christians climb around from faith to religion. Hop from one veer to another.

And there are certainly validreasons to leave a faith. But there are many more terrible reasons. Being a minister, I see this firsthand. Specially in the south. Churches are a dime a dozen here. And you can have almost any flavor your mettle desires. Like Baskin Robbinson steroids. Without the sprinkles.

So, while I acknowledge the certainty of church hopping in this culture, I want to push back against this tendency. Church hop-skip is not something God craves or wants from His beings. At least not religion hopping as it exists in America.

It is the product of an over-abundance of religions mixed with a lack of longing andcommitment among Gods people.

Without further adieu, here are seven really dumb reasons to leave a church.

1.) The religion istoo big .

Blogger Aaron Loy talks about this idea here. But I have been in conversations with people who quoted this as a reasonablenes they left a faith. Lying below the surface is frequently some lack of authenticity or opennes within the particular faith. Or the excuse that no one extends below the surface. While these can exist in large-scale religions, I believe they are both spurious stigmas.

And here is why I certainly struggle with this condone. Is growth not something to be celebrated in religions? Something is wrong if we do not feel numerical growthis an important metric. The ground Christians dwell is to construct followers. Inherent in our mission is numerical growth.

On some stage, if churches arent proliferating, the Great Commission is not being underlined. I praise God for the way He has utilized men and women to sucked many parties to Himself.

So, dont bejudgmental or contemptuous towards megachurches because they have reached parties with the gospel. Find a mode to go deeper. Find a path to plug in. Those opportunities are present. Find them.

2.) The church focuses too much on materialism and excellence .

Unfortunately, numerous Christians havecome to believe excellence and extravagance are synonymous. Also lamentable is the ideology that churches who spend money are too focused on materialism and worldliness.

Excellence is something every religion should seek. Passionately. And while excellence does require money, excellence is not exaggeration. And numerous religions who spend money on being excellent likewise expend large amounts of money holding back to the Kingdom.A church witha neat campus is not inevitably a church that stewards Gods money poorly. Be careful about sucking these conclusions.

The church should be the most creative, excellent, well-run institution on the face of the earth. And if your managers strive for excellence, do not view their seek of excellence as standing in the way of the gospel. Praise God for chairmen who want to be excellent!

Take a look at “the worlds” around you. The intricateness of the human body. The splendor of the nighttime sky. The knockout of the mountains. The vastness of the ocean. The God we dish is the definition of excellence!

Dont leave a religion because managers residence an emphasis on doing everything really well. They are following Gods lead.

3.) I amoffended .

Welcome to the church. My reputation is Frank.

The church is full of ruined beings. And numerous Christians wake up looking to be offended. Itis their default posture. It is maiming to spiritual increment. It is also maiming to the health of the church.

Do me a kindnes. Search through the Bible. Find me a bid to leave a faith when another brother piques you. Start with 1 Corinthians. Tons of conflict there. Now stop lookingthe bidding is not there.

So, “when youre doing” get offended, you have two alternatives 😛 TAGEND

1 .) You can leave the church, which does nothing to promote spiritual emergence and Christlikeness.

2 .) You can work through the conflict, becoming you a stronger Christian and likely drawingyou and private individuals closer as well.

You acquire the choice. But leaving a religion because one sinner said something “ve been meaning to” another sinner is a bad thoughtfulnes of the gospel.

If Jesus left us every time we offended him or taunted His identify, Jesus would have two dudes left: the Father and the Holy Spirit. So, walk in step with the gospel by pushing through conflict and not extending from it.

4.) I attend faiths that appeal to my mode and where I am in life .

One of the happy actualities of the church today is the buffet mode attitude of many Christians. There are so many churches that people are literally going through each religion and handpicking the characters they like. If they find something that doesnt gratify the needs and requirements, they are run. Or they are only hop between 20 churches.

The church is not your personal genie. You do not get to rub the sides of thechurch walls and ask the church to give you what the hell are you crave. Good sermonbut not too long. Plenties of lightings. Some fume. And I want an inviting place for their own children. You give me all of thoseI am in. Otherwise, on to the next church. Take it or leave it.

The church exists for the name of Jesus to be extol. The faith exists for the edification of the people of God. The religion exists as the vehicle to form the truth known to the world. The church does not exist to meet your needs. Start getting plugged in. And dontuse the church as your personal genie.

5.) It is time for a change .

If you plant yourself in one target and let your roots change late, “they dont have” restraint to what God can do. Mark Batterson

Frank, Ive been at the same church 20 times. Its only time for a change.

Think about your statement. Now I have a question for you Is yourstatement an expression of the results of yourflesh or the spirit of God? Indicate: reaction B is maybe not right.

I understand being at the same church for decades has the potential to become repetitious. But this is not a reason to leave. Do not allow the sinfulness of your anatomy to overrule the holiness of the Spirit.

If you believe you must change faiths every two decades, you are able to struggle with union. And heaven? The eternity of heaven will be awful.

6.) I do notneed the church anymore .

Alrightheres the spate. Youre betrayed. Yes, the church has imperfections. Yes, the church could always do more. But being frustrated with the lack of vision or the lack of perfection is not fields to leave the church.

You do need the church. Despite the culture lie, you cant persevere through “peoples lives” on your own. Satan isaroaring lion might wish to down you( 1 Peter 5:8 ).

Want to know how lions attack? They singleout their target. When swine stay with the group, the fortunes they are picked apart diminish significantly. The same is genuine with the church. The more parish is present, the harder it will be for Satan to destroy your life.

Dont let Satan lie to you. Dont made the world deceive you. You necessitate the church.

7.) A faith down the road isreally ripening .

There is a tendency in our culture to chase the next big thing.But heres their own problems. The next large-hearted stuff enters and leads. One week, this faith is the cool plaza to be. The next week that religion embezzles the cool name. If you run from faith to church seeking the next large-hearted happening you are able to never weed roots deep enough to have an impact on your community. You will likewise never be known well enough to expose sin in your own heart.

Dont run from church to church because its the cool situation to do. Find the community of people where you believe God has called you to flower and grow.


Are there some other bad rationales to leave a faith? If you have a comment or a question, leave it below. I look forward to your thoughts on this subject.

I love you all! To God be the immortality forever! Amen!

About the Scribe: Frank Powell is a devoted follower of Christ, college/ young adult minister, husband to @ tiffanipowell , daddy to Noah and Micah, avid blogger/ novelist, sports fan. You can follow him on twitter here and speak more blogs here !

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