A viral and heartbreaking hashtag supports body-shaming starts early for women.

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If it seems like body-shaming is a new phenomenon, it’s genuinely not.

We hear about it more and more these days in response to mind-numbingly ignorant sell expeditions, laughably absurd personality disapproval, and everyday beings singled out by mean-spirited strangers.

The extra awareness is a very good event, but the truth is that this kind of weight- and beauty-based browbeat has been happening to( mainly) women for as long as anyone cares to remember.

Twitter user Sally Bergesen recently announced on maidens to share their own retentions applying the hashtag #TheySaid .

She withdrew her daddy telling her not to gobble too much when she was only 12 years old. 12!

Though the comment was likely made as a humorous pester, it left a deep mark on Bergesen. And she’s not alone.

An avalanche of replies followed, proving that our body-shaming problem is deep, widespread, and highly damaging.

Fat or thin, young or old-time, it seems almost every woman who’s ever lived has had to deal with other people’s verbal beliefs about her body.

As tales poured in, it became clear girlfriends are being told from a frighteningly young age that their own bodies aren’t good enough.

Women shared terrifying stuffs their parents, acquaintances, and siblings said to them when they were 8 years old, or even 5.

5-year-olds can barely shape themselves a sandwich, but we expect them to reel in their calories in order to save a flat tummy.

The tales too served as a powerful reminder that body-shaming can take a lot of different forms.

It’s not ever meant to hurt pities. In reality, it’s often disguised as anxiety or helpful advice. But the potential impact is almost always the same.

The stories ladies shared were enraging and heartbreaking.

As hard-handed as the comments are to read, it’s incredibly important we do so.

It sometimes feels like we’ve come a long way as national societies in terms of accepting beings of various figure characters as they are and in a lot of ways, we have.

But you can’t read through hundreds of thousands of responses to #TheySaid without recognise this remains a huge problem, particularly for women and girls. To move forward as a culture, we need to be viciously honest about how poorly we’ve give many of our girlfriends down, face the problem pate on, and make a change.

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