A year after Hurricane Harvey, J.J. Watts’ foot has done incredible things.

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Photo by SC National Guard/ Flickr

The silver lining to the dark cloud of tragedy are the heroes who emerge to help those whose lives have been devastated.

One year ago, Houston, Texas was devastated by Harvey, the most deadly and costly hurricane in American record.

Harvey took an estimated 88 live and caused over $200 billion in damages.

Houston Texans star defensive discontinue J.J. Watt was a bright light-headed in Harvey’s aftermath.

He propelled a campaign to raise $ 200,000 for relief efforts but his destination was surpassed by more than $41 million dollars.

Watt’s campaign would become the largest crowdsourced fundraiser in world history, giving him the NFL’s begrudged Walter Payton Man of the Time award.

The downside to the ever-changing news cycle is that shortly after tragedy affects, the media moves on to the next legend, and the work done by first-responders and benevolences often starts unseen.

But one year after Harvey, Watt has shared the superb things that have been done with the $41.6 million in donations.

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