Artist Makes Optical Illusion Vases That Create Secret Images When Put Together( 7 Pics)

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There’s more than satisfies the eye about Greg Payce’s vases, because the true knockout of his production lies not in the ceramic itself but in the empty spaces in-between them.

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Look closely to receive which is something we represent. The artist has created a subtle illusion that uses the outer surfaces of his vases to depict secret faces and figures. His statues comprise a project that the Canadian ceramicist calls Alumina, and the idea draws muse from what’s known as Rubin’s Vase. In 1915 the Danish Psychologist Edgar Rubin composed a series of two-dimensional drawings that played on the idea of obscured faces, and now Payce has reimagined that meaning by returning it to life in a three-dimensional organize. It’s a rightfully positive call of negative infinite.( h/ t: mymodernmet)

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