Artist Uses Contouring Skills To Switch Kanye West Into Kim Kardashian( Video)

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On Instagram, makeup is typicallyused to skill mind-blowing works of art.

I’ve realized makeup creators completely transform themselves into various fames and even Disney characters.

This time, I’mtaking a look at Middle East-based creator Saint Hoax, who changed a likenes of Kanye West into Kim Kardashian West!

According to Daily Mail, the self-described “sociopolitical activist” and “pseudonymous satirist” applied his artistic contouring knowledge to transform the 38 -year-old musician into his reality-TV virtuoso spouse. The develops? Well, they’ll surely blow you away.

Saint Hoax ended the makeup transformation using an hodgepodge of organization and other cosmetics.

A description of his work on his website uncovers hispurpose. The description supposes,

An embedded infatuation with pop culture and politics drove Saint Hoax to share his … vision.Hoax combines tangible and digital mediums to compose beautiful visual lies that tell an ugly truth.

Check out the videos below for a closer look at his translations!

Satirical master Saint Hoax transformed a description of Kanye West into Kim Kardashian West using a handful of charm products.

In his latest artistry patches, Hoax was able to prove “the power of contouring” with precisely the blink of an eye. He even alters Jay Z into Beyonc.

Each of these bits is part of his serial titled “Fame Drags You Out.” Here, he transforms Drake into Nicki Minaj.

Follow @SaintHoax on Instagram for more comical( and super creative) revises!

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