Betchy Harvard Grad Founded A Feminist Weed Company& It’s Literally the Future

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Its pretty obvious that Ivy League betches have bright futuresno offense to your four-year Instagram feed of blue and yellowish recreation date face colour. You may have partied your ass off in some position academy with 50,000 other potheads, but smart stoners are just in a different league.

Thats why were currently preoccupying over Harvard Business School graduate Jessica Assaf and her betchy new push that is bound to take over the stoner nature. With an impressive background in the charm industry and a charity for a good fume sesh, Jessica decided to learnt her own fellowship called Cannabis Feminist. Interested hitherto?

The company prides itself on believing in the femininity of cannabis and the supremacy of the status of women to create a brand-new cannabis culture. In other messages, the company educates maidens about cannabis( seems a bit useless, but cold I suspect ); foundations corporations preparing weed concoctions with women in subconsciou; and helps girls enter service industries. Talk about doing something useful with your degree.

Jessica is all about empowering women to step paw in the cannabis industry and explore the health and psychological benefits of gras. The company is just starting out, but were pretty gushed to see this betch ascent the industry ladder and get as high as possible.

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