‘Carrie Fisher schooled me to be my own hero’: readers’ tributes to the late star

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Our readers have been among those communicating words and sharing storeys about Carrie Fisher, the Star Wars actor who died on Tuesday

Tributes for Carrie Fisher ought to have pouring in since her fatality aged 60 in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Our readers have been among those transmitting contents and sharing storeys about what the Star Wars actor means to them.

Fisher was known for many things: unflinching integrity, playing flair, writing skill and knockout. Shes also been a mental health issues counsel. Here are a selection of readers tributes, floors and observations.

She was delighted to see us dressed up at Comic Con


Comic Con photo

My husband and I had a speedy photo with Carrie Fisher at New York Comic Con this past October. She was delighted to see us garmented as personas from The Force Awakens. “Finally person my own age! ” she said. That’s me, Susan Moskop, as General Organa, my husband, RJ Moskop as Luke Skywalker, and Carrie Fisher with her pup Gary.

She was a champion of her own flaws and facilitating others

Love and perspective

Beautiful actress and fetched sass and ability to her Star Wars role. Then a endorse of her own flaws and helping others with mental health issues though enjoyable and inspiration.

Class. Total class

She was a beacon of light-headed to Star Wars love in the 1970 s

As a long time fan of the original Star Wars cinemas, I can say that Carrie Fisher came across as a lighthouse of dawn In the 1970 ‘s to movie love like myself. In the past institution of Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwick, Lauren Bacall and Ingrid Bergman she was a strong female extend in the role of Princess Leia attributed with guts and finding. She fired a grease-gun, told men they were moronics and dominated a whole whiz fleet. To me as I was living then in the male dominated, un-enlightened period of early feminism- her cinema show stood out as a lighthouse. She wasn’t tall and beautiful- she was pretty to look at but “shes been” cunning and vivaciou with a girl next door kind of persona. The reality that as person or persons she came across as so down to ground despite the Hollywood upbringing, was a jubilation for her. She kept herself “real” despite all the hype. She will be missed – I believe – by all that knew her. I am sorry that we have lost her too soon.

She was a bright wordsmith

I loved her journals, I could read her messages all day and night. She was a bright wordsmith.

She plowed everyone warmly, like you were a close friend

She treated everyone like a acquaintance

I had the privilege of convene Carrie Fisher for the second time in 2015. I told her how amazing she appeared and thanked her for her epoch. We took our picture together( which I do not have a digital transcript of, it’s on my wall) and as I started to walk away she grabbed me and gathered me back to her. She whispered in my ear “I know I lost all the weight but I’m gradually gaining it back.” If you were able to observe her with followers you know that she plowed everyone so warmly like you were her friend for years. I feel like a member of their own families has passed. I am abysmally heartbroken, I cannot guess the sorenes their own families gone through. She will always be remembered and I hope I’ll get to say hello to her again someday among the stars.

She was everything that a princess should be


Fax Expo Toronto 2015

Me.friend and I dressed as our two favourite personas. She will always be the personification of everything a princess should be. A galaxy value of love to her family, pals and fans

Life will be empty without our princess


A Lifetime Inspiration

She was always there to induce. As an elderly woman her memoirs and indicates encouraged me to do my own “older” Princess proves in Japan. Life will be very empty without our Princess.

Princess Leia was smart, quick and didnt suffer fools

Thank you Carrie Fisher .

Carrie Fisher was the only princess I ever cared about. Princess Leia didn’t wait to be saved by someone else. She saved them. She was smart, quick, drle, and didn’t suffer suckers. She could be a commander of the universe but never fantasized she was above the people( or creatures ). Much like Carrie Fisher. Leia was a princess who looked like me, in the age of the 70 s blue-eyed blondes, and in my family. Fisher shaped Leia. She thoughts many of the lines were so over the top, that she inserted fun and humor into their give. And while Princess Leia was my first idol/ hero, Carrie Fisher become one that followed. She unapologetically and compassionately wrote and spoke about her own strivings with hollow and mental health. Her writing was/ is sharp as a tack, and she appeared out for the status of women, and men, who followed in her strides. My five-year-old just asked why I was crying. I told him that my first hero died. He said, “that means it’s time to be your own hero”. Just like Leia and Fisher, themselves.

Return of the Jedi was the first film that I ever saw

Devin Keast

Return of the Jedi opened eight daytimes after my birth in the U.S. My mother and father refused to miss it. So, they created me, an babe, with them to the theatre. That was my first movie-going experience.

My portrait of Carrie Fisher


RIP, Carrie Fisher, 1958 -2 016

Portrait by Daniel Morgenstern, 27.12.16

Carrie Fishers bequest will continue – shell be used in my heart

Leia, my childhood hero and Carrie, my role model

I was ravaged to learn my first ever childhood hero passed away. Flourishing up I’ve learned the cultural implication of Leia’s character and I’ve got to know the astounding being playing her much more. Carrie exited from depicting one of my all meter favorites to being my role model by being herself unapologetically and being so open about her struggles and raising mental health awareness. She is so much more than Princess Leia and despite never meeting her I feel like we had a lot in common. She had wit, a one of a kind sense of humour and so much flair, this macrocosm will be so much worse without her in it.

Her legacy will continue to live on and she’ll be used in my heart.

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