Chris Rock Added Black People To White Movies And They Get Better

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Chris Rock obligated the most of his time as multitude of the Academy Awards on Sunday, first opening with a blistering speech about the overwhelming whiteness of many of the 2016 nominated cinemas, and then airing a entertaining segment that threw many of his parts home.

With the help of some talented pitch-black performers, Rock reimagined what four of the most acclaimed movies of the year would have looked like if they had included people of color, and the basic takeaway is that they would have been much funnier.

Whoopi Goldberg went slotted into “Joy, ” noting that it a it only took inventing a swab for “a skinny white lady” to get a movie, but that “a pitch-black girl would have to devise the panacea for cancer before they even demonstrate her a TV movie.” Leslie Jones got to slam Leonardo DiCaprio repeatedly to the field in “The Revenant” while calling, “THERE ARE NO BLACK ACTRESSES. IN. THIS. MOVIE.” And Tracy Morgan got to eat a danish in “The Danish Girl.”

Rock himself took a thrust at Matt Damon’s role as astronaut Mark Watney in “The Martian.” But as a result, Kristen Wiig and Jeff Daniels were a little less interested in operating back to Mars to save the lone ranger.

“I’ll tell you what’s a PR problem: spend 2,500 lily-white dollars to save one pitch-black astronaut. We’ll all be out of jobs, ” Daniels alleged.

“WHAT ?! WHITE DOLLARS? ” Rock answered.

Daniels and Wiig decided to go to lunch instead.

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