Dear Womens Ministry, Stop Calling Me the B-Word

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I changed in my seat at the womens ministry happening; the speaker said it again.

You are a beautiful , opt, special female of God. There is no one in the world like you !

Id discovered this meaning dozens of eras on the radio, in works, at meetings even emblazoned on coffee jugs and shirts at every LifeWay Store in America. Its the same theme led at Christian women in every corner of western culture. And its a message that while well-intentioned remains insufficient no matter how many times its preached.

You witness, Im not actually that special and neither are you. An honest look at our humanness reveals this fact. Any female whos done a certain degree of self reflection known to be her battles, insecurities, and sins arent unique to her . Theyre part of being human in a fallen world. Further, any woman who knows the profundity of her own inadequacy knows where to find these Christianized platitudes of knockout and chosen-ness solely insufficient for daily victory.

Im not articulating these encouragements are false. We are Gods handiwork( Eph. 2:10 ). We are select( 1 Pet. 2:9 ). We are unique( Matt. 10:29 -3 1 ). The topic is not whether or not these things are true-blue , but whether or not this is the most important content maidens need to hear.

Personally, I dont think it is( and Im not alone ).

If I evaluated Christianity by its women conferences, Id be led to believe that the Bible is nothing more than a series of compliments from God to husband. Instead, the real story is far less complimentary and much more demeaning. Jesus didnt come to earth because we were beautiful, special, or enormous. He saw because we were too grossly sinful to bridge the gap between ourselves and God.

Thats not a letter we want to hear from the stage of Extraordinary Women, is it? But its the one the work requires, because women who think theyre pretty awesome dont necessary a Savior .

Women wonder if were enough. Looking at the deeds of the books we read, I deduce were caught with anxiety, anxiety, and identity disasters. Were in this constant district of struggle with very little win, never actually living as conquerors in Christ( Rom. 8: 37 ). These are real spiritual editions, but you know what? Ive hitherto to investigate one woman set free from insecurity by being told however repetitively that she is beautiful. It doesnt effort, and its not the answer.

The truth is that, apart from the altering influence of Christ, Im not beautiful, special, or all that unique. Im born into sin, and inclination to resistance. My dangers and dreads pulsate through Adams blood in my veins. These cant be out with shallow encouragements. What I involve what every woman necessary is a soul-deep solution to the problem of sin. Insecurity is not the problem. Fear, good self-image, union problems these are just symptoms of the real canker. The disease is sin, and we all have it.

We motivation liberty , not compliments.

Again, its not a bad letter. But its theologically defective, and if the goals and targets of a women ministry is to encourage and equip female Christians, the letter has to change. The truth is good news merely to the persons who recognize their need for Jesus. When you create a culture that uses Jesus for little more than a spiritual feel-good, its no wonder the status of women it renders cant get victory over nervousnes, anger, insecurity, or horror. They leave our religions knowing all about themselves, and knowing little about Christ.

The answer is simple-minded. Stop preaching the easy-going theme, and start preaching the right one . Stop exhilarating us as women and start exalting Christ. And heres the amazing thing about a gospel-centric women ministry: when all women do is worship Jesus, the insecurities, panics, and nervousness pale in comparison to His everlasting glory.

When our very eyes turn to His grace instead of pandering to ours, insecurities die.

When our ears listen for His expres instead of listening for more about us, fear had not yet been place.

When our brains should be considered who He is instead of who we are, we find an identity wrapped in eternal purpose.

Thats the crazy occasion about the gospel: our pre-Jesus ugliness exaggerates the charm of Gods love. Merely by understanding who we are apart from Christ can we live in daily recognition of our grace within Him. We need to be reminded of who He is to better understand who we are.

So please, stop telling us were special.

Tell us about Jesus.

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