Dylans Non-Response to the Nobel Prize Was An Eloquent And Poetic Silence

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At least one Nobel prize official was ticked off at the designated laureate in literature for not RSVP-ing, but this misunderstands how poets conclude and work.”>

For two weeks after the Nobel prize winner in Literature was announced, Bob Dylan kept the world hung up in his silence.

Per Wastbrg, wasn’t happy about that. He chaired the committee that demonstrated Bob Dylan the Nobel prize winner in literature. After Dylan didnt react, Wastbrg told Swedish TV that Dylans stillnes was impolite and arrogant.

That was Wastbrgs interpretation and he wasn’t alone. It says more about his possibilities than about Dylan. Poets should be respectful and decorous, I predict. But was Rimbaud polite? Was Allen Ginsberg decorous?

What did Dylan say to earn this admonition? Nothing.

Thats the effectivenes of silence.

Dylans silence seemed to anger so manyand thats the beautiful of it. It was a gift from the heart of poetry.

Poets know and understand stillnes. They know its effectivenes as monarch to the word. “Theres” the locations where words exactly cant do better now. The psalmist proceeded deepest with that query, where reference is addresses the ultimate: to you silence is praise.

But silence is also necessary. W.B. Yeats understood silence as the decisive moment of creativitythe zero point, the beginning, before new words come. It is the just-before where a poet or any artistor any humanmoves upon silence before something new and imaginative emerges 😛 TAGEND

Like a long-legged pilots upon the stream
Her mind moves upon silence.

A poets stillnes is something to envisage , not condemn.

Yeats gave us a beautiful image of the stillness of contemplationthe long-legged move on the clear flowing ocean, the present at the surface and the life active below. This is what a poet does, moves on silence delicate as a water-skater. This is how poets listenhow we all might memorize to listen if we would just throw in our noise.

The boisterous report would scare off any water-skaterthe report about Dylans no. The instantaneous readings of his silence disclose more about the translators than they do about the stillnes. It cant be understood so fast, its a strictly poetic gesture.

What did it mean we incessantly wanted to know. We couldn’t let go of it. Was it arrogance or modestyindifference to the world or courtesy endeavouring? Or all those stuffs? Or none.

Now Dylan has said he might show up in Stockholm. In a practice its a disgrace. I visualized Dylans silence much more interesting than any Nobel prize winner pronunciation he could possibly devote. In his action the apportion is virtually superfluous. That’s how Leonard Cohen visualizes it: Giving Dylan a Nobel is like pinning a medallion on Mount Everest for being the most important one mountain.

Dylan has always baffled his audience as much as hes hired it. Dont follow managers/ Watch the parkin meters. Hes asked us to consult our own inner sense: You dont requirement a weatherman/ To know which course high winds blows.

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