Emily Weiss and Kirsten Green will join us on the Main Stage at TC Disrupt SF

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Since forever, business have manufactured concoctions for people to buy, but the progression and reach of the internet has been subject to entirely new labels, some of which are growing at unprecedented accelerates thanks to pulpits like Instagram and other social media channels — not to mention strong storytelling.

Two of the people resulting the e-commerce attack are Glossier’s Emily Weiss and Forerunner Ventures founding marriage and managing board Kirsten Green. We’re thrilled to announce that both of them will sit down on stagecoach at TC Disrupt SF to discuss Glossier’s sustained rise and the process of developing e-commerce.

Emily Weiss- Glossier

Glossier isn’t even four years old yet, and the firebrand has already become a household name. The companionship was launched in 2014 off the back of Weiss’ staggeringly successful attractivenes blog Into The Gloss.

The premise of the brand is simple-minded. Glossier commodities are designed for women who love makeup but don’t love appearing garish. Part of selling that effortlessly beautiful aesthetic centers on selling a restricted product line, one that’s focused on skin attend produces; a handful of lipsticks, cream neck shades, and eyebrow mascaras; and well as a single sweetnes called ” You” that comes in both liquid and solid form.

Beyond the success of the products, Weiss has become a role-model, even a hotshot, to many of Glossier’s young patrons. Weiss built a foot of confidence with her audience on Into The Gloss, and that has carried over to the Glossier brand.

The initially direct-to-consumer fellowship has also started an offline business with a pop-up store in NYC, a now altered Dunkin Donuts that generates more auctions income per square hoof than the average Apple Store, according to Weiss.

Glossier has attracted a number of large investments from VCs like Index Venture Partners, Thrive Capital and Forerunner Ventures, making its total amount caused to more than $86 million. And convening on the members of the committee is none other than Kirsten Green.

Kirsten Green- Forerunner Ventures

Eight years ago, Kirsten Green propelled Forerunner Ventures. Since then, she’s risen to be one of the prominent and successful investors in Silicon Valley and beyond, with a particular knack for e-commerce investments.

Green has raised more than $300 million and invested in more than 50 companies. Portfolio firms include Glossier, Outdoor Voices, Ritual, Inturn and Indigo Fair, as well as exited business like, Dollar Shave Club, and Bonobos.

She’s a founding member of All Raise, a female mentorship collective, and has been named one of Time’s 100 Most influential people, in Forbes’ 2017 and 2018 Midas List and World’s 100 Most Powerful Women. And lest we forget, she was also called VC of its first year at the 2017 Crunchies Awards.

Green’s ability to identify stellar founders and foster e-commerce labels is unparalleled across the ecosystem, and we’re thrilled to learn from her on the Disrupt SF stage.

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