Everyone Is Preoccupied With The Helix Eyeliner Trend Taking Over The Internet

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Heres a definitely-not-made-up fact to establish you feel better about your daylight: If youve already related eyeliner, the most difficult task of the working day is already over.

That is, unless youre trying your hand at the most recent amateur makeup creator trend to take the internet by commotion. Its called helix eyeliner, and its was just about to blow your mind.

First, attractivenes leaders utilize the standard pitch-black liner, angling it upward and out into a drastic feline attention. Then, use a neon coat or gel liner, they carefully retrace a looping thread around the line. The resulting looking develops the optical illusion that the liner is three-dimensional.

Like a particularly sassy filament of DNA, the helix playfully twists around the classic liquid liner.

Of course, every tendency has to have an beginning. Helix eyeliner seems to have begun with self-taught Instagram makeup artist GlowAwayMeg, who began using neon accents weeks ago.

Impressive, right?

The bright colorings all attain kindnes of Makeup Geek Cosmetics, a line Meg returns to again and again for sudden looks.

This weekend, the look took over Reddits beauty forums, inducing abundance of females to try their own take on the helix examine. The helix doesnt have to remain a simple cable, either. It can be a serpent, too.

Jumping on the helix liner trend with a turn

Even squares work.

This particular look is by Adrienne Edwards, whom you might recollect for her 365 Era Of Makeup defy 😛 TAGEND

If you look at these photos and think, What the inferno? some attractivenes fans are with you. After Megs uprights extended viral, Redditors began to poke fun at all the assaults at the trend.

Why draw on liner, when you could just do it in Photoshop?


Good joke, guys.

Now, its time to figure out how to steady-going a brush long enough to create the feline attention, let alone the helix.

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