#GiveElsaAGirlfriend and Disneys Super Gay, Super Troublesome History

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With Frozen fans campaigning to give Elsa a girlfriend in the film’s sequel, we look back at Disney’s alternately progressive and very problematic record with gay themes.


You is no requirement walk into Maries Crisis to hear a charming West Village bachelor region Part of Your World, or spy on a brunch speech grading best available caricature scoundrels over mimosas, to understand the profound alliance the gay community has to the catalog of Disney animated cinemas.

It seems silly to single out one particular demographics attraction, given the fierce nostalgic fondness most adults have for wisecracking candlesticks, singing crustaceans, and lion rookies growing up to be mighty kings.

But for their home communities whose childhoods are so often be decided upon by being a funny girldifferent from the rest of the americans and thinking when will my thought present who I am inside ?, the messaging, the playful escape, and, for the love of Minnie, the camp of it all made the House of Mouse a safe space.

Of course for all the erstwhile gayness of these enlivened musicals, theyre equally problematic. Gay panic, stereotypes, closeting, and likening homosexuality with distortion pervades these cinemas just as much as any festivity of otherness or flamboyance.

Mulan is a possibility rejecting societal hopes and employing her freedom to marriage whomever she enjoys, but try to watch the effeminate young Pinocchios fretting over not knowing how to act like a real boy through the prism of faggot feeling. Mickey Mouse isnt quite marshalling any lesbian pride parades yet.

So its a heartwarming evolution that a very young students of the supernatural world of Disney have come to both espouse its subversiveness without determining for its regressiveness.

This week a young teenage activist launched a Twitter campaign to move Disney princess Elsa a lesbian in the upcoming Frozen sequel. The entertainment industry has given us girls who have fallen in love with brutes, giants who fall for humans, and even grown women who love bees, Alexis Isabel Moncada wrote in an essay for MTV. But weve never been able to see the integrity in a homosexual rapport.

Her initial tweetI hope Disney sees Elsa a lesbian princess thoughts how iconic that would behas since exploded into a Twitter campaign. The hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend rapidly extended viral, with fans fostering Disney to include a LGBT-inclusive plotline to speak for an entire generation yearning to not only suspect subtle topics that speak to their community, but tell those topics literally sing.

It fits that Frozen would be the movie to make this groundbreaking move, with its messaging that enjoy is an open door and incredibly progressive terminating: when an routine of true love is required to break a blaspheme, its not a Prince Charming whose kiss saves Princess Anna; its the adoration of her sister, Elsa.

And they are Elsa herself, whose entire narration arc has been interpreted by some as a analogy for being in the closet.

She has special supremacies that acquire her unique and strong but, horror them, she stifles them and retreats to an quarantined palace. Its simply after she tells down her protect and looses those powersdiscovering she wont exactly be accepted, but celebrated for themthat she comes into her own. Make It Go isnt simply an Oscar-winning thump. Its a homosexual hymn.

Of course, it should be no astound that there are still those who want this Twitter campaign to be frozen in its tracksproving that Frozens pro-gayness might be as complicated as Disneys history with the relevant recommendations, in general.

Its an extension of the dispute that bubbled when Frozen originally was released after 2014, when conservative mothers was indicated that the movie was homosexual information. According to the contingent, which was led by a mummy who writes a blog named A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman, Disney was brainwashing its gullible young love into supporting the normalization of same-sex sexual behavior.

Pastor and right-wing radio legion Kevin Swanson echoed these concerns: If I was the Devil, what would I do to really foul up an entire social system and do something actually, certainly, certainly evil to five- and six- and seven-year-olds around America? I would buy Disney.

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