Husbands& Wives, Satan Would Do Anything to Remain You from Envisioning This Internal Memo

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A Memo Concerning Marriage, Intercepted from Satan’s Computer


TO: The Principalities and Supremacies of Darkness

FROM: Lucifer, Prince of Darkness

RE: Stealing Marriage

It’s come to my attention that we are need to crack down on this marriage thing. While I praise you for the continuing incidences of adultery and the astonishing divorce rate, for which you should be proud, there are still too many humen reputation God in their wedlocks. So it’s up to you, my demons, to help me steal union once and for all.

I’ve had the Think tank labouring up a few sentiments, and I believe we can really make up some soil with these suggestions. So, everyone, giving attention, and devote these tasks to recognition. This is how we gain finality over fidelity.

Distraction. This is gonna be key, guys. Lucky for us, technology is playing right into our claws with this one. But it is imperative to step up the game. We necessitate more couples on their telephones. I don’t want to see anyone searching up from their inventions at the dinner table. And don’t think that kids shall be exempt from this exercise! Actually, if we can reel them in young, we’ll remain the minds of the future generations. They will believe every little lie we spin on social media and in the political circus therein. We can shape their appraises and principles while their parents are too busy speaking cute memes and fighting for equality of the rhinos. But to satisfy your current appetites for eradication and the unraveling of marriage, keep in intellect that overstimulated, tired juveniles always screaming for mom and dad’s telephone will help keep everyone peeved and off balance. So, let’s work to increase everybody’s screen age. Got it?

Social Media. Oh, how I love this one. Sure, there’s still good stuff that going on in here there. Prayer seeks and such, but we’ve started infiltrating that particular glitch with the dissemination of imitation prayer series meanings and dislike discussion in commentary parts. We expect that by fuelling dignity in man and encouraging violence behind a screen we can separate most people into radicals. Division is huge here, ok? But back to marriage…

Social Media is a big win for us, guys. Not simply does it confuse duets from having an honest to goodness communication with each other, but it also spurs uneasines. The enormous thing about social media is hardly anybody is honest. They can disguise behind their chart. They merely share their highlight reels, and this is where you come in. So, when a spouse recognizes other women share the wreath of blooms or sweetened placard from her boy, I need you to stir resentment and disillusionment in her thought. Stir her think things like, “why doesn’t my husband do that? ” And attain her forget about the intelligent things he does do. Basically, your job is to fool her into thinking other humen are more musing than her own.

Another thing working in our favor are filters. I need you Discouragers and Demons of Self-Hate to keep whittling away at the self-esteem of the status of women. Impede whispering to her that she’s not pretty enough or thin enough. Sway her to alter her look with filters, pose provocatively for a visualize, depicting as much flesh as possible, and then made it through an app to polish off the gaze. When she no longer even looks like herself, I need you to whisper, “perfect.”

In the meantime, I need you to cloud the image of being. Make him daze to the dignity, glamour, and loyalty of his wife. Tempters, I need you to pull his eyes towards the apparently perfect pics of other women on social media. I miss you really pushing “the grass is greener” concept. This is something that works on both marriages. Result the wives to look on other women’s spouses, and vice versa. Foreground the flaws of each partner, and maneuver them into seeing perfection in the concealments others wear. Manufacture them covet what the fuck is do not have, and ignore what the fuck is do. Then you pounce with the private letter. You tempt with the disappearing Snap.

Make the wife feel quite again under another man’s congratulates. Draw the partner feel strong and acknowledged for the purposes of the gushing explains of other women. In this stage, continue to disconcert marriages from having any real communication to mend fences. Continue the cloak over their seeings, the thorn in their back, and the indignation and poison of unforgiveness in their hearts.

Listen, this is nothing brand-new. We’ve been doing it for centuries. Now it’s only easier with the anonymity, secrecy, and easy access[ to] social networks. Plus, they move the spreading of lies so much quicker and easier. If you’re not using social media like crazy, then you need to catch up to this century. This is our season to glitter!

For those of you gunning for the annual bonus, I have an extra ascribe duty to foist on social network perusers. Since it’s becoming such a significant facet of their own lives, work with it. Grow the idea that what other parties think is what’s most important. Remember the Keeping Up With the Joneses Campaign? It is precisely like that. Simply the Joneses now have upgraded filters to refer over photos of their multiple tours to the beach and Disney. A great space to use this to our advantage for destroying marriage is to convince marriages that they require public displays of their affection on social media. If he doesn’t say it on social media, he doesn’t entail it. If you don’t share the knack on a social network or two, it doesn’t count. This wreaks twofold for us. Not merely does it spawn bitternes,[ but] it also makes a inaccurate gumption of what desire genuinely entails. If we are going to be able to be maintained focused on the outward images, they’ll scarcely notice where reference is poison their insides with bitterness and discontent.

And we can’t forget…

Self-entitlement. “You-know-who” misses them to be a servant per His precedent. Foolish! We’ve been telling them since the Garden they can be gods, so why stop now? The good information is we’ve really been manufacturing incomes in this district over the past decade or two. We’ve made great strides in persuading parties they are most important and they deserve to be treated as such, stroking their dignity while promoting a sense of predominance. We all know wedlock can’t work if you aren’t willing to serve your marriage! Fools.

The enormous thing about this technological age we now find ourselves in is the fact that it promotes a fast-food-lane lifestyle, where folks can get it their style, right away. Everyone is a winner, they all get a trophy, and losing isn’t policy options. Deliver on the marital spat! We’re gonna support a “don’t back down” mentality, and make sure they go to bed mad.

Spirit of Selfishness, you’re resulting the team on this one. Make wives exclusively picture their own contributions to the family. Harbor in their own homes bitterness for their spouses not helping out enough. Stir them blind to the positive the characteristics of one another. The key word here is “me.” Make that the only thing they see.

Busyness. Finally, let’s closed the bargain by impeding spouses busy and tired. It’s easier now than ever to keep pairs disconcerted by busy schedules and an overwhelming to-do list. The mob over at Pinterest has been prodigious at helping us on this front. They support an often unachievable perfection that seems simple-minded. Pinterest Fail? No method. Pinterest for the winning, I say.

Let’s encourage them to work overtime, for a vacation they’ll be too tired to experience. Tell them come home spent, excitable, and feeling unappreciated for their efforts. Obligate every day like the day before, stealing their glee, and taking away any hope for the future. Convince them to keep their feelings of unhappiness bottled up inside , not discussing it as a duet, and eventually feeling like it’s their partner’s mistake they feel this path. Such an attitude will leave them is accessible to your best lie of all!

When you can whisper, “Just get a divorce. Changing your spouse will change the mess of your life.”

I hope everyone is as elicited as I am for this campaign to steal the weddings of God’s most favorite formation, His human babes. The best part is He’s willing to bless and restore marriage, but they are too dazzled by our tactics to be recognised that. So, keep up the good work, guys. If we are going to be able keep up the gait we’ll fucking destroying wedding in no time.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for my next email. In it, we’ll discuss the finer spots of destroying humen status post-divorce and adultery. We’ll even secure the assistance provided by “the church” to obligate them feel like disappointments and sinners without possibility of saving. Stay tuned.

Yours in Darkness,


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