I Went A Spray Tan Like Khlo Kardashian And I Find More Self-confident Than Ever

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I am a chump for every new tendency. I can’t wait to try diets, apparel, attractivenes maneuvers, and workout regimes that celebrities tell me about.

It’s no amaze I sacred the floor Khlo Kardashian goes on and am willing to try any of her grace gratuities. She is goals in every possible way.

On her app, she had a post about get bikini ready in seven days. Obviously, getting a banging bod like KoKo’s takes longer than a few weeks and to be honest, if you want to get bikini ready, just put on your bathing suit and thunder! You’re bikini ready. Nonetheless, I was open to trying her promptings. One of her gratuities was getting a spraying tan. She answered,

Spray sunburns give me life and I’m not sorry about it! Self-tanner can camouflage all kinds of sh* t. When skin is darker, light-colored doesn’t show off it just as much, attaining it show smoother all around!

Good enough for me! My merely previous suffer with a spraying brown was in the old school kiosk before a dance in high school. Remember, like, 10 years ago when you are able to stand in a chest and it would cover you like a vehicle? It was streaky, orange, and did not gaze good.

My skin is highly fair and I don’t tan readily. Sometimes, I detect a little bit self-conscious( especially in the winter) because people can see every vein and shortcoming on my body.

I am not down with tanning plots we should all be wise to the negative effects but still want a stunning radiance. Plus, I had some crazy tan lines on my shoulders and back that I wanted to smooth out.

I wasn’t going to cheap out on this. I craved the real Kardashian experience a contouring spraying tan done by hand. I learned spray sunburns have come a very, very long way.

I went to a highly recommended studio in Boston called Pure Glow Organic Sunless Tanning. I got the works by founder, Lauren.

Obvi the end result is a spectacular glow, but I get so much more than that. The develop was this insane raise of trust I received from the astonishing brown. Who knew something so small-minded could make such an impact?


Before a spraying suntan, you crave your scalp to be cleanse. Exfoliate and shave everything you want to be smooth for the next got a couple of epoches. Be sure to plan ahead because everyone is going to want a piece of you, you browned up princess. Do not set any lotions or sprayings on before your tan.

Also, wear loose, dark clothing you wouldn’t mind going a little spray tan on. Most studios furnish disposable thongs, but, if you’re not comfy with that, accompanied a duo of swimsuit bottoms.

The Experience

The cool occasion about being hand-sprayed is the habit contouring. The spooky thing is being almost naked in front of a stranger. I went for the disposable thong and nothing else.

Although Laurenspray suntans people for a living, for some reason I yelled, Look out, I’m naked! when she sauntered in.

She was very nice and didn’t seem surprised by my nudeness. Formerly we got to talking, it wasn’t awkward at all. Actually, I experienced extremely free. The only constitute I had to laughter at was the downwards hunker to get the under-butt field. Ah, the things I do for beauty.

Once again, “its what” these spraying tanners do. You should not at all detect humiliated in front of them they do not care.

The Tan

I recollect spray browns necessary time to develop over a couple of hours. You would leave the place gazing the same, then two hours later, looks just like you just rolled around in dirt.

That’s not the case anymore. The color you recognize at the parlour is what you go home with.It merely feels like you’re being sprayed with a cooling fog. The contouring comes in handy in the belly field. Lauren did a nice job accenting my abs .*

* Disclaimer: I don’t actually have abs, but the spray tan shaped it look like Ihad some description. Ayyyy.

Laura Rizzo

Obviously, the lighting wasn’t great at the spraying tan lieu. The image on the left is before. As “youre seeing”, I am so fair skin, the dawn was literally indicating off my chest.The persona on the right was immediately when I got home.

I had some gnarly tan courses from running in a plays bra and was hoping to fully report them up. It turns out, the spray is so natural that it browns like the sunbathe. You can see in the pics above and below, the tan wrinkles weren’t able to fully mesh with my tanner skin.

Laura Rizzo

However, the dye difference was definitely improved. I didn’t mind the unevenness because it moved my tan review more natural.

You would think I would feel self-conscious likening myself in a swimsuit to the flawless Khlo Kardashian, but I consider KoKo would encourage me to be comfortable in my own skin.

The Aftercare

After the brown, you’re not supposed to sweat or get wet. I( stupidly) did some laundry when I got home and got a little splotchiness on my chest from sweating. Listen, guys, I have to climb three flights of stairs to get to my laundry room not easy with a heavy basket.

In hindsight, I is very likely to get my next spray brown in the evening so all I have to do is go home and watch Netflix.

At first, I was a bit discouraged because the suntan seemed great, but I felt like everything I did was stimulating it splotchy.

My favorite instant of the spraying brown was after my first shower I waited about 48 hours. Any minor blotchiness smoothed out and the shade seemed awesome and super natural.

The Bad

This custom spray tan certainly thumped my budget a little hard. Tip included, I topped off right near $100.

Considering they have to be redone every eight to ten days, I obviously cannot live like a Kardashian. Pure Glow did have monthly unlimited parcels for $165, which seemed jolly reasonable.

The Good

I felt like a freaking kween. Ugh, I loved it. My whole torso ogled super smooth and I detected a lot better when I wasn’t wearing makeup. Confidence truly is priceless. Plus, I got the tan done before spending a weekend on the liquid with acquaintances and I received rave refreshes about it.

Advice And Final Thoughts

Lauren at Pure Glow gave me some great advice. First off, ask to see pictures of real patrons. Those is likely to be the best show of the kind of run the shop does.

Second, take a look at the ingredients in the spray tan formula. Travel for natural and organic formulae so you’re not spraying your skin with chemicals.

All in all, I are certainly do this again. I adored research results, and will definitely restore. Considering the cost, it will probably be more of a special opportunity event than my daily slay game.

I will preserve taking Khlo Kardashian’s advice on everything, thank you for having asking.

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