I’m Never The Girl That You Pick In The Cease

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Im the girl no one wants.

Im the girl thats extremely open. Im the girl that hears a sky and it reminds me of a storage, and then asks what the sky in Ireland looks like on a epoch like today. Im the girl who openly points out my flaws and wants to tell you yours, but exclusively because I scour to better the world. Im the girl that changes. One period Im outspoken and vibrant, never missing a flog, and the next Im shrouded in a gloom of my hollow. Everything is foggy you even seem foggy, and I cant ascertain my own hand in front of my face.

You turn and retreat for shelter afraid of get wets, when Im the one in the blizzard. The next day, Ill dance in the rainfall; but you wont be there to dance with me .

Im the girl that doesnt give up. If I crave something or someone bad enough, I do everything within my capability to work towards it, even if that means getting tunnel vision. Im a girl that it was possible frantic and needy at times because who doesnt get a little lonely in this big universe of ours, to not require somebody to waste it with? Im the girl who are able climb Mt. Everest and trek the Sahara Desert merely to look the attractivenes of countries around the world. Im a girl who needs feeling and travel to give “peoples lives” meaning.

Sometimes, Im hard to keep up with. But it never seems like a chase merit haunting for you .

Im the girl that writes; and always tries that strange meat; and becomes a comedian at all other parties; and probably blubberings too much on the weekdays. Im the girl that needs to express occasions in order for them to become real. Im the girl that isnt afraid to say how I feel and why. Or at the least testify you because sometimes talking can be hard. Im the one who reads too much into the thinks you dont verbalize, and who pays too much attention to your facial expressions when you do.

Im the girl who pressures rawness. Im the girl who hugs truthfulness and desires talking about how snowfalls see me feel .>

I am viciously honest about life. I will tear away every bit of armor you have until you are naked and forced to say what you really want to say. Im the girl who may leave you feeling skinned alive and never feeling more alive at the same time. But Im also the girl youll get tired of because Ill perplex you with my acts, move you away and then love you like no other.

Ill deplete you of me until you believe were not meant to be .

Im the girl in the back of your brain, the one thatll stay there for years to come. Im the one whom youll think of when you walk into a bookstore to buy a knack for that cousin of yours, and youll miss watching how my eyes persisted on every bookshelf. Or youll amaze which cappucino Id try at that small-time coffee region that just opened up in your brand-new neighborhood. Yes youll miss me, and a second risk may even cross your thought more than formerly. But it wont stay. Ill be the passing second in between breaths, never for a full time; you dont contain your breath for me anymore.

Im the girl youll recollect laughing and dancing, and maybe even miss on days like today. But Im a world-wide of stepping inconsistencies, and Im never going to be the one you choose.

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