James Charles ceases 41 -minute response video to Tati Westbrook’s accusations

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Wrapping up what he describes has is an element of the “darkest” weeks of his life, James Charles has released a video in response to the saga that unraveled with Tati Westbrook after she accused him of and sexually molesting men.

” I will not ask for pity, and I will definitely not ask for forgiveness ,” the beauty vlogger says in the video, adding that even though he agrees with Westbrook’s latest video where she reportedly said she hoped all parties involved could is moving forward, he still felt such accusations were unfounded and needed to clear his surface of the story.

He explained that he accepted an offer to promote Sugar Bear Hair’s product after the company saved him from a “mob” of devotees at Coachella, where Charles and his friends had a” VIP pass” instead of an” artist pass .” The latter, he interpreted, is not accessible to the public without invites, but because he decided to attend it last-minute, he couldn’t assure an artist pass.

He said he was not ” safe ” when he attended the second week because of all the public attention and asked another creator if Sugar Bear Hair could help him get in with an master pass. Brand representatives apparently saved him from developments in the situation, and in turn, Charles agreed to a contract to promote their product.

He demonstrated screenshots of chats with Westbrook where he did hold her a heads-up about the content before it was posted online, even though Westbrook’s video snippets say she had no prior insight until it was posted. He also said he tried to contact Westbrook and her husband repeatedly, which led unanswered until he decided to give them space and wait for it to blow over.

Instead, with Westbrook apparently crying in her Instagram fibs about feeling let down by Charles’ war, the whole thing blew up. Charles lost more than in the aftermath. He faced further backlash owing to accusations in Westbrook’s video of sexually besetting a straight man.( His flirtatious texts and DMs with other YouTubers have surfaced recently more .)

In his video, posted on Saturday, he responded to these allegations as well, with snippets of a video from the man involved who said he didn’t feel provoked or unsafe in the suspect place. He said their interaction was consensual.

He too shared screenshots of their inside jokes, where they establish referenced one another as “famous” in response to Westbrook’s claims that he tried to use his celebrity status to benefit of the three men. Charles says Westbrook herself has participated in these “famous” inside jokes.

Westbrook responded to Charles’ theme on Saturday afternoon. She said Charles’ video was full of ” lies” and “half-truths” and stands by her original video.

The intense saga has been followed by devotees( and non-fans) this whole week, and induced some funny memes:

And some ill-used the hype to draw attention to larger social question like climate change and reproduction rights.

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