Jeffree Star Weighs In On Tati Westbrook’s Video – Calls James Charles ‘A Danger To Society’ – Perez Hilton

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It’s high time for Jeffree Star to weigh in!

As you no doubt know by now, YouTube superstar James Charles has been brought back down to earth some

Even though

The business difficulties continue today for James, extremely, as in agreement with the social media and YouTube tracker SocialBlade , he has now lost more than 2.5 million readers in the last five days since this controversy REALLY began to begin! WOW !!!

Before we know it, later on this afternoon, Charles should dip back up below 14 million subscribers again. Crazy !!!

The controversy has helped Tati Westbrook nearly as much as its hurt James, too; the female beautiful guru to gain access to 2.7 million customers in the past 30 epoches, intersecting the 8 million threshold in total and objective up with a cool 2.5 million of those contributes coming along since the James Charles drama started.

Quite the turnaround compared to some of his damages !!! And Star didn’t hold back in tweeting out some of his congratulations to her for the attainment, as well( below ):

Well then !! That certainly sends a message, don’t y’all thought ??

What do U think about all this drama, Perezcious readers ?!

Sound OFF about everything in specific comments( below )!!!

[ Image via YouTube ]

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