John Oliver Hits Trumps Alicia Machado Rant and Horrifying Views on Womens Bodies

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The’ Last-place Week Tonight’ multitude broke down Trump’s sexist care of the former Miss Universe–and women in general. “>

Last week, John Oliver celebrated his long-awaited return to his HBO program Last Week Tonight with an extensive failure to seeing how dangerous Donald Trumps litany of scandals areand much more damning than those of his antagonist, Hillary Clinton.

The large-hearted legend this week pertained Trumps outlandish preoccupation with former 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado. After get steamrolled in the first presidential dispute and representing the daring say that I speculate my strongest resource, perhaps by far, is my temperament, Trump get utterly ballistic over Machado, who was invoked by Clinton during the debate as a prime example of Trumps gross biography of misogynywith the Republican presidential nominee referring to the beauty queen as Miss Piggy in the past.

But firstly came the initial stage of bereavement: prohibition. This week, we then ascertained what a triumphing temperament actually means: Its a temperament that enables you insist that you triumphed something that you demonstrably forgot, because Trumps wasted the last seven days citing his wins in what hes announced final dialogue ballots, said Oliver, before picturing a montage of clips of the former reality-TV host boasting about acquiring online ballots at rallies.

The clear problem with online referendums is that you can vote anonymously as many times as you require, Oliver prolonged. That is how, when a British government agency[ NERC] deemed a Name Our Ship poll, the peoples overwhelming selection was Boaty McBoatface. Its also how, when there was an internet election on where Pitbull should play-act, he purposed upand this is trueat an Alaska Wal-Mart. And yet, Trump maintained quoting these nonsense ballots, as did his media boosters like Sean Hannity.

As Meet the Press emcee Chuck Todd told Trumps communications manager Jason Miller, Those are fan canvas, being!

Back to Machado. After going put on tilt in the course of the debate, Trump made an image on Fox& Friends the following where he brought upon his ownthe Machado controversy, and proceeded to double down.

She was the absolute worst. She was impossible, Trump told the flabbergasted multitudes. She was the winner, and, you know, she gained a massive sum of load, and it was a real problem.

You can see[ the emcees] deliberation, What are you doing? Why are you doing this? Dont you know its wrong to cheapen former allure pageant wins? We at Fox lately learned that due to the circumstances of Roger Ailess departure from this very companionship! called Oliver.

That was only the tip of the iceberg, nonetheless. In the early hours of Friday morning, Trump loosed a strange Twitter rant that included this head-scratcher:

That is a candidate for president of the United States pushing America to check out a fornication videotape, offered Oliver. Just do me a advantage: Gaze up into the sky right now. Higher. No, higher still. Do you see that? Way up there? Way up above the gloom? Thats rock bottom. And we are now behavior down here .

Trump treats such statements like theyre Pokmon: Theyre imaginary situations that he nourishes, and evolves, and eventually uses to fight with strangers, Oliver lent. And thus, the two strands of the coming week come together: wholly unscientific polling, which we know Donald Trump relies implicitly, and his deeply held sentiment that female heavines gain is a betrayal.

Oliver then cut to a 1997 interrogation with Trump and Machado, wherein Trump admonished the Venezuelan stunner for gaining weight in front of her face, and then advised spectators of the program to participate in an online ballot asking: Should a pageant titleholder be required to maintain her physical form during her reign?

Well, 57 percentage of online voters said No.

Oh, how about that, Donald? It seems you have a alternative: either declare unscientific polling is bullshit, or that your views on women forms are frightening, said Oliver. I await whatever decision you make at 3 a.m. tonight on Twitter.

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