Khlo K Calls Out Interracial Dating Haters: ‘Who The F Cares Anymore? ‘

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Khlo Kardashian has grumbled stupid people who still think interracial dating is wrong.

She spoke about the issue after sharing a devotees legend on her app this week.

Khlo, who is currently datingCleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson, set it simply,

Who the F cautions anymore?

Fan Kelsey Wells wrote to the idol,

Interracial dating in todays society is still looked down upon by numerous people. Its poignant! I am a woman who dates a soldier. Why cant it just lies in the fact that simple-minded?

Instead people verify a white dame dating a black human. In big municipalities this may not be as much of such issues. Nonetheless, where I live which in the South, it is.

I have been called every refer you could ever imagine. If my lover and I go out together, “theres always” gazes. Parties often stir insulting comments and gesticulates toward us.

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