Margot Robbie Just Shaped A Strong Case For Unicorns In A World Of Mermaids

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If you’re angling for a stylish mythical creature to wear all over your outfits, mermaids are out and unicorns are in. That is, is in accordance with Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie, who wore a whale, glittery beast to her film’s premiere August 1.

The mesh-and-sparkle gown, designed by Alexander McQueen, was the select of stylist Kate Young, whose toil you’ve emphatically checked on hotshots like Selena Gomez and Natalie Portman. When it comes to this dress, the period account bit has never been more accurate.

Robbie won’t precisely hang this child in the back of her closet, wondering how best to wear it with a casual duo of lover jeans for brunch.

But, isn’t that part of the delight of premiere nighttime? Suicide Squad and, of course, Robbie’s character Harley Quinn are about loud, impetuous vigour. Why not wear the damn unicorn dress?

It reminds me a little of those iron-on spots we all used to wear on sweaters in the ’9 0s. It’s a bit Cher, a little mom-chic. I used to have a very similar( albeit not decorator) sweatshirt with a feline that had a real-life bell around its cervix, which is pretty much the coolest thing they are able to own as a 6-year-old.

On top of Robbie’s stand-out gown( better than any mermaid treetop, in my appraisal ), hair stylist Renato Campora drew the celeb’s platinum hair into a loose bun cuff mode that says I’m here to defendant , not to persist bobby pins back into my scalp all night. My various kinds of aesthetic.

Finally, Robbie’s vampy lip came courtesy of makeup artist Patti DuBroff, who showed off a alternative of five same colours on her Instagram. She captioned the photo, “Decisions Decisions.”

Harley Quinn wasn’t the only reputation who ruled the red carpet, either. Jared Leto, fresh off his stint as the Joker, proved up in 1970 s-style coating sewn with a lion, while co-star Cara Delevingne demonstrated off 1920 s glamour waves and sparkly eyeshadow.

If the “Suicide Squad” movie is anywhere as memorable as its red carpet, we’re all in for a treat.

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