Maria Shriver’s Touching Advice On Parenting, Beauty, And Embracing Your Inner Warrior

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When Maria Shriver became a mom, she knew she didn’t want to follow her own mother’s parenting example.

“She was tough, ” Shriver told her daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger, in an interrogation for The Huffington Post’s parent-child interrogation line Talk To Me. “I affection my mommy, but I didn’t want to be like that, ” she added.

One way the former First lady of California diverged from her baby, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, was her decision to talk to her daughters about dating and healthy relations. “My mom never talked to me about anything, ” she clarified. “Nothing. She didn’t talk about copulation, about people, about hormones. She didn’t talk about a thing.”

Shriver also took a different approach to discussing glamour. “I tried to encourage your femininity, help your beautiful, ” she told her daughter. “My mom was worried that I wouldn’t be taken seriously if I focused on my gazes. So anytime person would come up to me and read ‘Oh my gosh, you’re so beautiful’ or ‘You have a beautiful daughter, ‘ my mother would say, ‘Your seems are gonna lead. Concentrate on your brain.'”

But Shriver imagines the status of women shouldn’t have to choose between being smart and strong and embracing femininity. “It’s OK to feel beautiful, ” she did. “It’s OK to wear makeup … not at the expense of your memory. But you can do both.”

Applauding the attitudes of her daughter’s generation, she included, “You can live out your denials. You can step into your complexities.”

Watch the full interrogation above for Shriver’s beliefs on date, missing her kids to move home, and being “a warrior and a goddess.”

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