Michael Phelps must be glad he took this L.

Fiancee Nicole Johnson says breaking up with the dive luminary was the best concept she did to save their relationship.

Michael and I both are well aware that had we tried to have a child and get married in the previous meter we were together, it probably would not have ended reasonably, the former beauty queen told Cosmopolitan. We both got a lot of growing up to do. We both got a lot of learning about ourselves to do.

Johnson has been dating “the worlds” most decorated Olympian on and off since 2007. The duet divide in 2011 before reconciling three years later, and the 31 -year-old declared she was no fan of Phelps during their separation.

The duos occasion apart was differentiated by several inglorious Phelps episodes. The 23 -time gold medalist was busted for DUI in 2014 after driving more than 40 miles per hour over the velocity restriction on a Maryland highway, and subsequently was admitted to a rehab facility. And Taylor Lianne Chandler, a transgender woman who says she dated Phelps, has accused him of raging betrayal in the period following his moderate success at the London Games and before he reunited with Johnson and delivered a crowd-pleasing Rio renaissance.

I dont think you can be in a good relationship unless you love yourself to the fullest and you want to help the other person become a better being, Johnson said. We clearly necessary that time apart to acknowledge that about ourselves and to recognize one another.

Now involved and mothers to adorable son Boomer, Johnson discovered she and Phelps are focused on marriage propose now that the Rio Olympics is behind them. No date has been announced.

I know Michael well enough to know he doesnt is a requirement to partake in the minuscule, minuscule decisions. But I also know him well enough to know that he does want to be involved in what flavor our patty is going to be and what buds he thinks are ugly and what buds he thinks are really pretty, she said. I picture him drawings and I ask what he concludes and inferno either brush it off, which necessitates he doesnt really attend, or blaze gives people his opinion.

Johnson did uncover she and Phelps will be saying I do above water.

I dont ensure us getting married in a consortium, she said.

This article initially appeared in the New York Post ‘s Page Six .

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