Miss USA 2001 opponent: Trump barged into area when we were naked

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Woman tells the Guardian He marched in, he accepted and he gazed as she and another young rival were getting dressed for rehearsal for 2001 pageant

Donald Trump deliberately ambled in on two young Miss USA 2001 rivals while the latter are naked and going garmented for a rehearsal, one of the former charm rivals has claimed in an interview with the Guardian.

The two women were putting on their organizations to rehearse the opening count, the former rival remembered, when Trump, who owned the pageant at the time as part of the Miss Universe family of parades, burst into the room without a word.

Just before he enrolled, the former contender said, she heard security rights item outside the dressing room tell person approaching the door that the women inside were naked.

Mr Trump exactly barged right in, didnt say anything, sat there and stared at us, she echoed. Trumps attitude, she said, seemed to be: I can do this because I can.

He didnt walk in and say, Oh, Im so sorry, I was looking for someone, she prolonged. He walked in, he digested and he stared. He was doing it because he knew that he could.

The alleged incident happened in her shared dressing room behind the stage at the Genesis convention center in Gary, Indiana.

The woman who did not wish to be identified is another competitor from the 2001 Miss USA pageantry to allegation that Trump took advantage of owning the parade, which he broadcast on NBC, in order to view the opponents naked.

A torrent of sex misbehavior accusations have followed Trump throughout his run for chairman. But a 2005 strip of Trump boasting that his popularity allowed him to grope and caress women without their consent has inspired even more girls to come forward with stories of his impropriety.

On Wednesday evening, the New York Times published the accounts of two women who pretension Trump sought or caressed them without their permission. This is contrary to Trumps claim, in Sunday nights conversation with Hillary Clinton, that he never acted on his boastings.

I wanted to punch the screen, Jessica Leeds, who said Trump had fondled her on an aircraft three a few decades ago, told the times. He was like an octopus. His mitts were everywhere.

Rachel Crooks was a 22 -year-old receptionist in 2005 when, she said, Trump kissed her on the mouth when she innovated herself to him. It was so inappropriate, Crooks told the Times. I was so upset that he saw I was so insignificant that he could do that.

Trump angrily disavowed both accusations.

Waltzing in

The other 2001 knockout opponent to allege Trump of transgression was Tasha Dixon. In an interrogation with CBS of Los Angeles, Dixon, the former Miss Arizona, recalled an incident in which Trump came waltzing in to a area while a number of the contenders were half naked or undressed.

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