Moscow City Looked Like A Fairytale During Orthodox Christmas

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Moscow city is the capital and the largest municipality in Russia; not only known as the capital of the country of the birch, Moscow stands at the crossroads between the ancient the modern, between quiet macrocosm and the flurry of metropoli life.

The winter in Moscow might be bitterly cold but it’s also be mystical- especially if you see it through the eyes of photographer Kristina Makeeva. She was able to capture the city “as if its” a wintertime wonderland. Her photo show places such as the Red Square and the Kremlin, both blanketed in snow and soaped in colourful lamps, with people milling about. It’s as if you were looking at portraits straight out of a fairytale!

Each image captures a bold personal mode, knowing a beautiful balance between the sharp-worded courses, the constant motion of people and precipitate, and overexposed incidents. Below you will find the most beautiful likeness of Moscow during Christmas. Let’s enjoy and discover the mystical beauty.

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