My ex-boyfriend hired someone to shed battery-acid at me: ‘It felt like I was igniting alive’

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Adele Bellis recounts the two attacks by her former boyfriend in August 2014

Beauty healer Adele Bellis, 24, was doused in acid three years ago after her ex-boyfriend hired someone to onrush her .

It was at 8.30 am working on a sunny August day when it happened. I was sitting beneath a shaded bus shelter, waiting for my travel into work. There were two other people waiting with me, but the latter are standing further away in the sun. I was talking to a friend on the phone about what we were doing that weekend.

Thats when a suspicious-looking guy in a balaclava started jogging towards me. I leaned in as “hes been gone” past me his invests on such a hot epoch constructed me distrustful of him. He didnt look like a usual runner.

Adele Bellis in infirmary following the attack.

Within hours of him departing by he came up from behind me and threw something in my look. At first it felt like a cold sprinkle, but then a burning sensation took over. It was a blur and all I remember is running out into the road and announcing for sea. Beings were coming out of their homes and bordering me, trying to help. Someone shed some liquid on me, but it saw the burning superstar worse and the battery-acid started to smoke.

I appeared down to see my bra and top had totally dissolved and fragments of “its been” fastened to me. My hair blackened and it was all matted. The stench is a reek that I cannot describe but I will never forget.

I detected as though I was igniting alive. I remember shouting that my ear used to go and people around me were saying no it hasnt. It had flinched but it felt like it had defrosted off my brain. Its a experience I cannot explain. Half my figure is entered into sicken and as the years go on I find it harder to think about that scaring moment.

I knew straight away who was behind the two attacks. It was my ex-boyfriend, Anthony. It subsequently transpired he had hired the man in the balaclava to shed battery-acid at me. The strike itself came as months of abuse when I broke up with him.

I met Anthony when I was 16 and he was three years older than me. He had a Scottish accent, which I liked, and I felt him cheeky. I was young and gullible. He would control what I wore, who I could see and ever wanted me to stay in with him.

But it was when I broke up with him in 2013, when I was 21, that he moved really brutal. Id had enough of his holding and abusive channels and so I left our sad affair. Three months ago, he started stalking me and transporting heydays to my work. Then he paid someone to thrust me in my face and it left me needing stitches. He also imprisoned me in his house after I started round to tell him to stop moving me blooms. Its clear now it was all building up to the acid attack.

Adele Bellis: No fuzz will grow back because the battery-acid get so deep. I lost my ear, but it doesnt feign my hearing.

A few eras before the battery-acid was shed at me Anthony had been abusive because I refused to meet him. He continued announcing me scar look and adding no one else would have me. I thought he was referring to my stab curve. But when I look back I realise he could have been talking about what was about to happen to me.

After the attack I was rushed to hospital. An ambulance reached in nine times, but it felt like a lifetime. I recollect being cold at infirmary as “theyre using” irrigate to get the battery-acid off me. They put me in a rain for about 3 hour and the parts of my figure that were not burnt were freezing.

The attack left me misplacing half of my whisker as the acid went through the skin and the mane follicles. No “hairs-breadth” will grow back there because the battery-acid started so deep. I lost my ear, although it doesnt feign my hearing, and have scarring on my hands, arm and neck.

I luckily shifted my front before he shed the battery-acid at me something constituted me move, perhaps I appeared his proximity. So it simply stroked half of me, but the side of my face that was affected was seriously marred. I was in infirmary for eight weeks and had a surface grafting done and now, three years on, I have to get laser treatment every five weeks. I also have physio twice a few weeks for my neck.

I experienced post-traumatic stress ill shortly after Anthonys trial and sentencing. But my top is now in a better place. I will definitely be a lot stronger in any future relationship. I am a very positive person. I have tried to use the acid attack to assistant others who face domestic misuse. I want people to look at me and what I went through. I wrote a book about my experiences.

The person who was hired to attack me came out of prison last-place month. He was in for two years, but I am disfigured for life. Anthony got a minimum of 13 times, but he could be out in ten. With the increase in the number of battery-acid strikes, there need to be more severe punishments to stop people exploiting corrosive elements in this way.

I worry sometimes that I have never amply broken down. I have been the strongest one out of all their own families throughout it all. I didnt want Anthony to triumph and whenever I exclaimed I would build myself stop rapidly for that reason.

Ive tried to take every positive I can from my own experience it is awful, but if I had dwelled on it he would have won.

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