New Moms Share Hilarious Pictures Of Themselves After Birth To Prove That Kate Middleton Is Superhuman

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Of course, we all know that Kate Middleton isn’t your average woman. She may have had a fairly modest upbringing, but the 36 -year-old duchess is a far cry from ordinary.

But whilst we all know that she is an extraordinary human, it continued to a surprise to see her step out of the hospital searching flawless mere hours after giving birth to her third child.

Here is the moment the nations of the world was waiting for …

The 36 -year-old duchess looked painting perfect as she posed with the fifth-in-line to the British throne on the front steps of the Lindo Wing, a private maternity infirmary at St. Mary’s Hospital, London.

Appearing seven hours after the birth of their third infant- whose name is yet to be officially uncovered- on April 23, both Prince William and Kate appeared effortlessly serene and stylish.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the brunette attractivenes has pulled off such a ploy. She did it for the first time on July 22, 2013, when she successfully delivered Prince George after a difficult pregnancy which included acute morning sickness.

Then, on May 2, 2015, she did it again, appearing on the Lindo Wing’s figurehead steps just 10 hours after giving birth to Princess Charlotte.

Of course, this speedy turn around is not common for most mothers. In point, it is fairly unheard of. So much so that mothers around the world were quick to commend Kate for her impeccably polished figure- before then comparing their own post-birth snaps.

Without a glam team to help restore them to their pre-birth glory, these mothers cut quite a contrast to the duchess- and they are proud of it too.

This is a true representation of expectancy vs reality … Never has anyone seemed happier to be eating hospital food … Somebody get this woman a glass of wine …

With these image similarities, it’s hard to fathom how Kate is even able to stand upright!

This is something we stake Kate pleases she was doing … Who are actually blame her ?! Only a baby can relate to this … We discover ya, striving mama …

Of course , none of these moms has only just been given birth to one of the most famous babes on the planet- but that doesn’t mean that their newborn, or birthing process, isn’t any less important!

In fact, we pot these moms were all extremely happy that they didn’t have to reveal themselves to the world’s media only hours after squeezing a child out of their … well, you know where.

So whilst the jealousy for Kate’s pristine examine may be justified, it is only widened even further, because what mother “wouldve been” want to be paraded around like a testify pony for the world to see whilst they should still be tucked up in bed with the baby?

Kate is evidently a natural when it comes to pregnancy, which promotes the question, will she have a fourth? If she does so, she will be following in the Queen’s footsteps.

But for now, this unnamed monarch is her priority!

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