No, Andrew Garfield didn’t get fired for saying Spider-Man should be bisexual

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Hollywood studios are notoriously conservative about fag image, routinely refusing to include LGBTQ personas in blockbuster movies. In the incidents of Spider-Man, Sony and Marvel even drew up a law contract to make sure Peter Parker would be represented as a straight-out, white man. Specifically, he’s not allowed to be” a lesbian( unless Marvel has shown that alter ego as a homosexual ).”

That agreement became public knowledge in 2015, but this week it spawned a strange brand-new scheme hypothesi. A batch of Twitter and Tumblr poles claim Amazing Spider-Man sun Andrew Garfield was actually “fired” for showing Peter Parker are due to be bisexual.

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Back in 2013, Garfield made headlines by saying Peter Parker should explore his sexuality, wondering, “Why can’t he be gay? Why can’t he be into boys?” He even mentioned the idea to Amazing Spider-Man head Marc Webb, is recommended that Michael B. Jordan could play a male form of Mary Jane Watson. Then at San Diego Comic-Con the next year, Garfield extrapolated further, saying Peter Parker would be a more effective underdog reference if he wasn’t a straight-from-the-shoulder, white man.

Thanks to a viral Tumblr post about the bisexual Spider-Man saga, a lot of parties seem to think these comments precipitated an entire franchise reboot. The pole theorizes that Garfield and Webb were fired for supporting the idea of a bisexual Spidey. It even suggests that Webb stirred real plans for Mary Jane to be male in future movies, potentially please explain why Shailene Woodley’s MJ was cut from Amazing Spider-Man 2 .

There’s no evidence that any of this applies. It doesn’t even make sense within the timeline of Garfield’s comments. His first” bisexual Spider-Man” interview has just taken place a year before Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out, and Sony allowed him to repeat his views while promoting the movie at Comic-Con. And after that, it still is anticipated to become Amazing Spider-Man 3 .

As is often the instance, the most basic justification is the most likely. Amazing Spider-Man 2 underperformed at the box office, and while Sony did have plans for a sequel with Webb and Garfield, it sustained behind-the-scenes impediments like the departure of co-writer Bob Orci. By 2015, Sony had procured a is being dealt with Marvel Studios to relaunch the franchise within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, something followers had required for years. That bargain necessitated a full reboot, supplanting the now 32 -year-old Garfield–who by this item was thoroughly disenchanted with “corporate” blockbuster filmmaking anyway. So while it’s true Marvel and Sony are disappointingly republican about gay illustration, they didn’t offset an entire dealership because Andrew Garfield did a got a couple of interviews.

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