No, Not Everything Will Labour Out( And That’s Okay)

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I’ve heard the above idiom a handful of times. The internet seem to be point to John Lennon as the first person to say it, but frankly, who knows? You could claim Marilyn Monroe suggested,” That’s one tiny stair for mortal, one monster leap for humankind ,” on GoodReads and someone out there will nod in agreement.

Personally, this paraphrase never did much. It wasn’t the blanket of You’ll Be Just Fine that beings expected it to be. To me, it voiced like a person who hadn’t knowledge often. A person who was still swimming in the security of naivety.

I always recognise when it came from a good region and did my best good to smile, thank whoever the well-intentioned person was for the( misplaced) brainchild. I held back my eye wheels. Because I know what works for someone else doesn’t translate into working for me. I wouldn’t expect it to.

There’s actually something I’ve always acquired attractiveness about people who turn to repeats for solace. It’s really no different from endeavouring solace in one’s favorite work, movie, television show, etc. We’re quick to make fun of Pinterest committees and cheesy courses stenciled on planners. But why? Who attends? If it works for them, great.

So what if you’re like me? You listen,

and you just think,” Lie. Lie. Lie .”

What are you supposed to do? Are you expected to buy into every bit of perfect cheerfulness and chalk everything there is up to “God’s plan” when you don’t even know what belief? Do you plaster a permanent smile and agree that, yes, everything will always be okay?

No. You don’t. You don’t swallow your own passions and experiences. You don’t squish yourself to fit into whatever the proper image of grieving “mustve been”. You don’t allow others to prescribe how you will be okay. When you will be okay. If you’ll be okay.

It’s taken me a long time to learn some things don’t work out. Sometimes , no, occasions alright in the end. And that’s the end of it. There isn’t a grand crescendo, a light-colored in the distance that decorates how everything came to be.

Every now and then, something bad happens and that’s just it. It happened.

Is it shitty? Of trend. But accepting that is one of the more morbid specific areas of life. But morbidity doesn’t mean it isn’t important. There is a strange peacefulness that can come with it.

Realizing shit happens, and you will still find the best way through it, is weirdly beautiful. No, you don’t need to find a reasonablenes. No, you don’t need to search for the silver lining if you don’t want to. Perhaps it’s there. Perhaps it’s not. You shouldn’t beat yourself up if you can’t see it.

It might not be there to begin with.

I’m sorry if you required this to be an #inspo piece you could engrave out and look at when things appear tough. I’m sorry if you Googled a question and this was nowhere near close to the answer you hoped.

But I predict, I’m hoping if there are beings out there like me; people who have watched the underside of the beast and can’t wreaking themselves to believe there’s a allure in such things, I miss you to know it’s okay. I crave you to know not everything bad motivations interpretation. I want you to know you’re not alone. And you are able to survive. But not everything does work out. Still, I think you’ll figure it out. I think you’ll find the best way.

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