Panoramic Photos Show The Aftermath Of Japan’s Twin Earthquakes

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Japan is still reeling after two main earthquakes on April 14 and 16 — sizes 6. 5 and 7.3 respectively — hit the Kumamoto prefecture in quick succession on the countries of the south island of Kyushu. It’s the most devastating natural disaster the two countries has learnt since the quake and tsunami that impressed Japan in March 2011, leaving 22,000 beings dead and missing.

Forty-eight beings were killed and the other 263 people were injured in this month’s earthquakes and in their aftermath, according to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s office. There was significant damage to Kumamoto’s infrastructure: 1, 527 houses were destroyed.

The photos below were taken in Mashiki — one of the cities punched the hardest — a week after the quake.

The walls inside the town hall were cracked. The central gymnasium was off-limits, its spaces still shattered. Most of private buildings around had kept severe damage.

The town conducted an emergency risk survey shortly after the second earthquake hit on April 17, and categorized 209 builds( 62.6 percent of the full amounts of the constructing capital) to be “dangerous, ” according to Japanese daily newspaper Nishinippon.

Officials have warned that the unfolding aftershocks — smaller shakes that follow the central quake — may cause additional damage to the dampened constructs. It would therefore is very dangerous to inaugurate redevelopments on wrecked structures.

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