Daddy starts balloon skill: why Bill Clinton isn’t its only grown-up devotee

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Balloons introduced much-needed pleasure into the US presidential safarus this month and artists are co-opting the age-old gimmicks of the party entertainer too

Masayoshi Matsumotos balloon animals are just like the ones youll remember from your childhood, merely on steroids.

The 26 -year-old Japanese creator has created a menagerie of stunningly lifelike animals use nothing more than bog-standard defendant bags and without the adhesive, elastic ties or marker-pen adds-on that boost numerous an entertainers deed. Matsumotos oeuvre moving beyond the conventional bird-dogs and blooms: he induces snails and stingrays, geese and toucans, testing the limits of his medium and exploring its lively, childish nature.

Of course, he isnt the first creator , nor will he be the last, to partake in this trend. Jeff Koons stirred himself a household name with his stupendous sword carve succession Balloon Dog, which smashed enters in 2013 when one of his five supersized hounds grew the most expensive labor by a living creator be available at auction, going for a staggering $58.4 m.

Jeff Koons with his Balloon Dog, on display at Chicagos Museum of Contemporary Art. Picture: Charles Rex Arbogast/ AP

Last summer, Charles Ptillon invested a huge collection of shine, lily-white balloons in Covent Garden, sucking crowd to the South Hall of the market building. Try making go of a single bag at a music festival to read everyone look up in unison. Thats if you can prise them off the teenagers huffing in tents. The humble helium balloon is set to become an endangered species as more and more municipalities ban them on environmental grounds.

Ill never forget the marvel I find as an newborn party guest watching an master create something out of good-for-nothing an animal, a sword, or a dodgy hat altered in such matters of seconds and with a few calculated turns and pass. To be honest, I still depart goggle-eyed and Im in corporation. Even Bill Clinton couldnt hold in his balloon-induced delight at last months Democratic National Convention.

Savannah Smith (@ savannahhhsmith) July 29, 2016

I just crave a person who has thinks of me the acces Bill Clinton supposes of balloons. nc7M5X33Gx

Why do grownups still go crazy for balloons? Is it an expression of the results of the human rights subconscious, a desire to return to the carefree state of children? Freud would be pleased. Creators have been capitalising on the infantile humorous for years, from Manzonis Creator Shit to Pollocks drip covers, the quintessential target of their own children could do that naysayers.

I think balloon artistries request both to creator and viewer are available in its clarity. The transience of the medium is refreshing there is no to retain the finished patch. This is something I found out the hard way, as a disappointed child wondering why their new balloon pet had drooped away into a shrivelled, latex heap a few daytimes after it was acquired. Life is tough, kids.

The fleeting charm of these works would drive most people, never mind masters, mad but Matsumoto seemingly thrives on it. Each bag animal takes him about two hours to complete, with “the worlds largest”, most complex men taking about six. After he accomplishes them, he photographs them for his website then pops them.

Over the course of his artistic life, Matsumoto must have punctured hundreds of hours of hard work and thats what becomes him different from the Jeff Koons “of the worlds”. He doesnt care for consumerism. He doesnt accept commissions , nor does he exchange his endowment. His art is created to be enjoyed, then disposed of.

Deflated, but not deflating.

In a society so concerned with images and perfection, it is essential liberating to create art that is here one second, become the next. Perhaps we should all strive to be a little more like Matsumoto, acknowledging the allure of things, rather than preoccupying over their materiality or evaluate. Lets learn to accept that something as banal a bag animal can be splendid, but also worthless and thats OK.

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