Grading The Disney Ladies By How F* cking Annoying They’d Be In Real Life

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Snow White

Ill declare Im biased here because I HATED Snow White growing up. I envisaged I was entertaining because I would debate with whoever attended to listen( aka no one) that Snow White was, in fact, a total being. She had cute, fuzzy forrest swine do physical labor for her.( Lazy .) Her cringe-worthy expression constitutes Marilyn Monroes breathy, child doll tone sound natural.( Girl is faker than Renee Zellweger’s new look .) And Im sorry, am I the only one who conceived the Queen was hotter than Snow? And she seems a lot more interesting to hang out with, tbh. #TeamEvilQueen


Incredibly overdramatic, Ariel accuses her own reckless behaviour on everyone around her (” I’m not a child anymore”- uhhhh, you’re sixteen, pls appease the f down .) and refuses to ever take personal responsibility. Plus, the girl seems to have a hoarding difficulty. Hard pass.


She still has no thought of personal hygiene. You can smell whenever Merida recruits a area. Yikes.


Serious question, is Anna on coke?


Wait, Rapunzel and Anna are two different reputations? Punzie is cute and all, but she’s bound to have some serious abandonment concerns. Clingy, clingy, cliiinggyyyy.


Elsa would be stand-offish. Some might even do cold( hahaha- I dislike myself ). She means well, but molted still be brought to an end flaking on every programme “youve been” became. Cool girl( hahaha- I detest myself ), but youd rarely ever recognize her. 10/10 has not been able to will vary depending on her.


Sure, poverty-stricken event has quite the sob stuff. Mom expired. Dad succumbed. Intention up an indentured slave to her shitty step-mom and trashy step-sibs. Tragic, absolutely. Theres no repudiating she had a rough start. And while Cindy does have a good heart and extends kindness, she also seems like a one-upper. Anything ghastly is happening at your life and molted instantly pop in be borne in mind it could ever be worse.


Not particularly vexing- because that would require her to have a personality. Its actually stupefying that an entire movie was based around this dull princess. No amaze she sleeps through the majority of members of it. Girl is even blander than s Ben Higgins.


Her Instagram would be perfectly curated and molted have guest appearances on. Jasmine establishes off major Mean Girl In High School vibes, but for some reason, you still want to hang out with her. And she does have a pet beast, so she gets points for that.


Passionate about her family and the world around her, you’d find Poca fighting for more vegan options at her college campus. She’s your activist sidekick who, while you totally respect, sometimes stimulates you uncomfortable when she starts screeching at you for not practicing sustainable eating.


Belle’s pretty great , without doubt. She’s unimpressed by fuckboys, her notebook collecting is extended, and attentions deeply for their own families. The only reason she isn’t higher on such lists is the dalliance in beastiality. It’s kind of the elephant in the chamber, but you know, a big, hairy beast that she swapped spit with.


Shes loving, heroic, and all about equal opportunities. Its hard to find much flaw with Mulan. The only downside is how out of shape eggshell see you feel when you take a cardio kick boxing class together.


Tiana is the best. She’s super hard-working and established, the extremely description of GirlBoss. AND she can construction you authentic recipes from the French Quarter of New Orleans. Prevailing all around. Tiana, announce me. Let’s do lunch.

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