Real” Beauty And The Beast” Roses Exist, And They’ll Last-place For 3 Years

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Ever received heydays so beautiful, you wished they would last a lifetime? Well , now that’s possible!

Thanks to Forever Roses – a bloom firm that creates Beauty and the Beast-style rises, you can now have a rose that will live forever( or at least for three years )! The beautiful blooms, some of which expense as much as $4000, can live as long as three years without sunlight or water. If the flowers are kept underneath a glass dome, nonetheless, they are used to tell last-place eternally! There are tons of colourings to choose from, as well as different layouts. Their most popular rose is the single stem Bella rose in a glass dome, which is available in 29 colorings and starts from $200. You can also find some cheaper alternatives on Etsy for just $90. It’s a floral fairytale!

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