Ruby Rose Fiercely Defends Celebrity Love Lives& Moving On From Past Flames — Is She Talking About Taylor Swift’s New Relationship With Tom Hiddleston ?!

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Ruby Rose

is soo NOT here for the dislike against Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston ‘s new relation!

On Wednesday, R.R. took to Instagram to apparently defend Tay’s decision to start dating Tom just a merely 2 week after she broke up with Calvin Harris . It’s clear Rose speculates her friend deserves to date whoever she requires no matter the situation!

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In the epic IG message( earnestly, this thing is LONG ), the beautiful shows the danger of expending too much into fame ships while also vaguely referring to Swift’s situation with Hiddleston. The main point of the 30 -year-old’s message is that being able to move on after a breakup is “beautiful” and “mustve been” celebrated opposed to condemnation.

To be fair, Ruby could also be talking about her own love life — the actress have only just is moving forward from her fiance Phoebe Dahl seven months after their breakup. The Orange Is the New Black sun is currently smitten with her new girlfriend Harley Gusman and the two ought to have posting pics of each other nonstop.

No matter who the pole is intended for, it’s surely a must read! Check out the wise statements( below )!

“I feel like this is the mentality followers have on personality relations .. I get it that they invest in couples and root for them and it’s sweetened, but that relationship is still only between two beings. If the relationship outcomes why do people assume something happened or someone is to blame? Why do they think they know anything about the relationship to be able to make a better call than those working in it? Love is a beautiful act. Some adoration one person their whole life, others love many, some never find love, and unhappily some get so hurt so many times they get broken and stop looking. So if a woman moves on from a relationship 8 months( or 2 weeks) after a breakup isn’t that beautiful? That someone can still continue to open their centres to people despite durations in their lives I’m sure it’s been broken.. It’s not an affront to every ex they have ever had…new desire never obliterates old cherish. It’s a separate happening, a new entity. You can’t change the person or persons you enjoyed only be glad you adored at all they are all exercises and memories and even up our life story. I personally respect all of the people who never get fatigued, who ever cherish with their whole centers. Over and over and I think it’s distorted that we dishonor women for the purpose of opening their centres or name it as a weakness when in reality it’s one of the scariest things to do. Date who you want, adore who you crave, affection is the most valuable circumstance in the world and good-for-nothing comes remotely close to its significance during our time on this planet. So next time you want to tell me who I should be with or who anyone should be with … Maybe simply exploit that force to find your charity. Because cartel me .. We are adults and we know how to follow our hearts.”

Preach girl, urge!

Even though it never feels good to leave someone behind, if it’s done with respect and kindness that’s all that matters.

So, do YOU agree with Rose?

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