Skin deep – the capability of tattoos on the female organization

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Eleni Stefanous photographs of women with tattoos disrupt our ideas of gender and allure and challenge plans about the types of bodies that may be displayed

I have met more than 50 women who have embellished their skin with ink. Some of them got their first tattoo impulsively, others contrived their design for years until they discovered the right artist. Some females just like the route tattoos examination when they appreciate their thought in the mirror, others feel a deep connection to the represents they have chosen to celebrate on their body.

Ella Bell.

Talk to a woman about her tattoos for an hour, and you will have a rich communication about artwork, grace, identity and gender politics. But mainstream booking with tattooed girls seldom explores this. We may think tatoos are no longer inhibition, but positive images of tattooed maidens are few and far between.

Carey Marvin and Lois Ward-Marvin.

Women with Tattoos is a project that hopes to introduce a brand-new various kinds of portrait, one with which maidens can identify. It been in 2013, when your best friend Christina Theisen and I formed a photography series to show that there was more than one type of woman who conveys herself through tattoos. The people we photographed came from around the UK and my hometown, Athens, Greece.

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