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Our obsession with selfies we take millions of them a date is finally generating something helpful: innovation.

World, filled the automated selfie deposit. It spreads, or telescopes, on its own, has a pair of glamour lamps that increase from the back of the iPhone incumbent and even devotees that fold out to blow your fuzz back for that perfect, wind-swept look.

Its the craziest and most impossible selfie stick ever. Its likewise, sadly , not available for purchase.

Created by Thinkmodo the madcap intruder/ video-makers/ marketers that brought you Devil Baby and Super Strong Meter Maid Lifting Taxi the automated selfie fasten is a running device, but there are only two( one is a backup) and they were built to promote the upcoming season of Lifetimes Unreal .

Unreal is a imaginary, behind-the-scenes look at the fabricate of a The Bachelor -like substantiate. Its a amusing but scathing look at produced reality.

“We think its something Kim Kardashian would love to get onto for Christmas.”

“Lifetime required something that expressed self-image manipulation, ” said Thinkmodo co-founder Michael Krivicka, who edited and sent the above video.

Krivicka, Thinkmodo co-founder James Percelay and producer Sam Pezzullo came up with the idea of a kind of next-gen selfie stick to help sell the testify, which premieres on June 6.

Lifetime enjoyed the notion, said Pezzullo.

Not your ordinary selfie persist

Thinkmodo spent three months building the invention, which features a large black and red treat that houses the cable, machines and artilleries necessary to auto-extend the stay, and the phone owner that houses the dawns and followers. Theres even a second artillery on the back of the phone pier to strength the attractivenes brightness and the motors that extend them and the love. Did I mention this is a heavy selfie lodge?

The automated selfie stick instantly attracted attention.

Image: Thinkmodo

“Its a little bit heavier than a regular selfie remain, but did you understand the features? ” said Miami-based actress Noa Lindberg who is featured in the video. “Every occasion they add a feature, it gets heavier, but its totally worth it.”

Lindberg said she didnt need to be trained on how to use the sophisticated selfie remain. Theres a clearly labeled button for each main feature.

“All the constituents are custom-made, ” said Krivicka. “The love were designed from scratch.”

In the video, Lindbergsidles up to other selfie-takers who are clearly stunned when she whips out the automated put, which starts providing with a press of a button. “Generally, they said, ‘Oh my god, its so amazing, where can I get it? ‘”

How it wields

Like a regular selfie stay, this one connects to your phone via Bluetooth( iPhone exclusively) and the photos in the video are really shot employing it. Even the followers effort, though Thinkmodo acknowledges to using a bit artistic license in the shoot.

The retractable charm illuminations were a nice touch.

Image: thinkmodo

“The followers are strong enough to blow mane, but like in any commercial-grade, we might have added some jazz upshot to intensify it.”

Lindberg, which existed shooting a vampire movie called The Soiree , said she has a favorite automated selfie stick feature. “[ It] emphatically is the dawns. Its just fantastic. Its like a to-go studio, ” she said.

Unlike some of their previous video outings, this wasnt a escapade and Thinkmodo didnt use veiled cameras. Even so, during the two-day hit, “when the thunder extended, army collected quite fast, ” said Krivicka. They all wanted to know where we are able to buy it.

Which is nowhere.

Thinkmodo has no plans to mass induce the stick.

“We hate to see an breathtaking mind like this going to garbage, ” said Krivicka. “If there was enough challenge, wed go back to Lifetime, gave our heads together and verify what we can do with this.”

But would anyone certainly want it? The manage appears huge and is quite heavy. Plus, we dont even known better much it would cost. Thinkmodo refused to tell me how much they wasted( and Lifetime paid) to develop it.

Sure, the automated selfie lodge is just about promoting a Tv testify, but Thinkmodo improved it to actually work.

Image: thinkmodo

If they ever did commercialize the Automated Selfie Stick, Lindberg said she would buy it, and Krivicka believes there is at least one other practically ensure client. “We think its something Kim Kardashian would love to get it for Christmas.”

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