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Raise your hand if you’ve been personally was well received by your reflect, front-facing camera, or the thinking of yourself in a glass of wine-colored* whole population slowly creates their hands *. As much as you try, it’s difficult to love yourself all the time. Especially when you realize that you downed an entire carton of pizza, eight tequila shots, and a small village last nighttime, and now you feel like sh* t. Instagram reaches it kind of hard to love yourself sometimes, what with all the frameworks on your feed who manufacture allure search so effortless( not to mention, the trolls who might comment on your pics if you dare croak a daytime without wearing makeup ). That’s why we introduced plus-size model Tess Holliday on our Diet Starts Tomorrow podcast to get real with us about person positivity and confidence.

For those of you who don’t know, Tess is a super important representation within the plus-size modeling and form positivity communities. She’s the inventor of the viral hashtag #effyourbeautystandards, a movement that announced out impractical allure standards. She too became the largest plus-size model of her width and height to get signed to a mainstream busines when she signed with Milk Management in 2014. On social media, Tess is known for her fearless, take-no-bullsh* t posture. If you troll her, she will clap back with happenings. All in all, Tess is a boss-ass woman.

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Phew, I’m literally a COSMO GIRL !! Can’t speculate I’m saying that! Thank you @cosmopolitanuk& @farrahstorr for this incredible opportunity If I heard a torso like mine on this periodical when I was a young girl, it would have changed my life& hope this does that for some of y’all Issue touches stands 8/ 31! Photo by the incredible @wattsupphoto #effyourbeautystandards

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A recent UK Cosmo cover star, Holliday has use her social media programme as a pattern to speak up about what it’s really like to embrace your figure. Holliday is one unfiltered betch, and she doesn’t mask anything when it comes to talking about her victories and struggles with self-image. It’s not f* cking easy no matter how famous “youre gonna”( sigh) to love yourself. Here are Holliday’s top tips to keep in mind about the body positivity movement, trust and hug who you are 😛 TAGEND

F* ck Society’s Beauty Standards

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I was chortled off stagecoach at a knockout pageantry when I was growing up, so @cosmopolitanuk decided to crown me queen in my October cover story I please 13 year old me could see me now #effyourbeautystandards | Dress made by @zelieforshe/ styled by @amybannermanstylist and @maddyalford/ photos @wattsupphoto/ yield, arts and props Cat Costelloe and @colesontoast/ glam by @jessica__mejia @sofiasjoohair @kimtreacynails #cosmogirl

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It can be really hard to love the way you gaze when the only beings that ever come across your Instagram feed are stick-thin models in cultivate crowns pretending to eat chicken nuggets. You might believed to be seem super hot–until your upright is right below Alexis Ren’s bikini pics. The difficulty is, you’re never going to feel good about yourself if you can’t ascertain other people who look like you, and are actually killing the Insta game, ogling flawless as anything.

That’s why Holliday caused her own Instagram campaign in 2013 announced “Eff Your Beauty Standards”. It started as a hashtag for people to share photos of themselves in an outfit that scares or establishes them feel beautiful. Now, it’s evolved into a community that supports your everyday gal just trying to take a cute selfie. Holliday illustrates; “there are a ton of people around the world no matter their race or gender–that feel sh* t about themselves more, so let’s talk about it.”

Don’t Let Brands Trick You Into Thinking They’re Inclusive

It’s like, super chic right now to be body positive, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s doing it properly. Holliday explains, “companies like Flat Tummy Tea have trash that’s like’ love yourself babe’ but they’re really saying’ you’re disgusting, babe’.” If you think boozing colon clearing, sh* t-inducing tea is how you show your torso “love”, you’re out of your f* cking subconsciou. Holliday says, “they’re literally trying to capitalize on the fact that beings feel terrifying about themselves, ” and she’s right.

There are so many labels that hide behind so-called body positivity when in reality, they’re still trying to sell you something by capitalizing on your dangers. And they sell concoctions that at best, won’t do anything for you and, at worst, could be harmful. Holliday indicates looking for brands that follow through with their predict. Labels who cop out at a width 12 and say they’re inclusive literally don’t account for 68% of American women who are size 14 and above to wear their clothes.

Here are some labels Holliday says are doing it right 😛 TAGEND ASOS Eloquii Premme Christian Siriano Mat Zelie For She

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