The Dark Side Of Being An Empath: 5 Powerful Ways The Highly Sensitive Experience The World Differently

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Audrey Reid

What is an Empath?

You may have heard the term “empath” before. But what does it actually aim? Is there any technical basis for the expression “empath”? Or is it, as some skeptics postulate, a glorified expression used to describe highly sensitive and intuitive beings?

Even the most hardcore skeptic cannot deny that there are people in this world that are much more highly intuitive to the needs and feelings of others; that can pick up on subtleties that others can’t, and seem to have a natural geniu for healing others.

The idea of feeling what others feel isn’t exactly an unscientific one, either. Research indicates that “emotional contagion, ” the tendency to “catch” the sentiments of others, is more prevalent than we anticipate( Hatfield, 2009 ).

For centuries, researchers have studied the tendency for beings to unconsciously and automatically simulated the psychological sayings of others, and in many cases actually feel the same feelings simply by revelation to excitements in social interactions. Considers discovering that the impersonation of a frown or a smile or other kinds of psychological showing trigger actions in our psyches that effect us to construe those express as our own fondness. Simply introduced, as a species, we are innately vulnerable to ” attract” other people’s passions. In the literature, this process in which a person or a group influences the feelings and affective action to other persons or group through the awareness or unconcious induction of feelings is referred to as psychological contagion( EC ).

– Sherrie Bourg Carter,

Our mirror neuron system likewise enables us to instinctively “feel” what another person might be feeling when we see them performing an action. When we detect someone else doing something, the same parts in our brain which would’ve been involved in doing that activity become activated. “In other messages, they manufacture our intelligences act as if we ourselves were experiencing whatever that other person is experiencing. The connection to rapport seems pretty clear”( Marsh, 2012 ).

What’s even more alarming is that a very small part of the population likewise have mirror-touch synesthesia, a unusual phenomenon in which visual and tactile appreciations get mixed up and they are allowed literally “feel” their body being touched when seeing someone else’s organization is touched( Medina and DePasquale, 2017 ).

While most of us( aside from empathy-deficient souls) have the ability to empathize, Dr. Elaine Aron( 1991) have found that highly sensitive individuals even up approximately 15 -2 0 % of the population. HSPs have an oversensitive nervous system and seem to have an enhanced skill set in the realm of empathy- perhaps, one could argue, an even better mirror neuron plan. For the highly sensitive person, the parts of the brain that regulate emotions are simply more responsive than their least sensitive counterparts. There is great overlap between what it means to be a highly sensitive person and what civilization calls an “empath.”

An Empath’s Abilities

Dr. Judith Orloff, M.D ., Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and generator of, knows to tap into instinct and the ardours of others only too well. She has invested over twenty years facilitating empaths and highly sensitive beings access their natural abilities and reclaim their power.

In her volume, Orloff recollections how as a analyst, she had learned to block out her natural offerings as an empath in order to “fit in” with the mainstream beliefs of the medical community. She receives an instead surprising wake-up call, when, in the midst of a apparently joyful hearing with a client, she had an intuition that this same client( who seemed happier than she had in weeks) was about to take her working life. She ignored this twinkle of insight, and later received a call which notified her that this client had indeed attempted suicide( which she thankfully endured ). This is only one of the hundreds of intuitive revelations she’s had that later came genuine. It was only when she incorporated drug with her intuition that Dr. Orloff was able to make full use of her strength as an empath.

Whatever your spiritual sentiments may be on the matter, the accounts of empaths themselves are perhaps the most compelling ways to understand what it means to be an empath or a highly sensitive person( a distinct, but very similar predicament ). There are incredible overlaps in the idiosyncrasies, the abilities and events that empaths share that are undeniable.

We, as empaths or highly sensitive parties, feel and ordeal the world a bit differently from most people- and while you are not able to imagine everything you been talking about the empath, there is certainly room to explore what it means to be a highly sensitive and intuitive individual navigate an increasingly empathy-deficient world.

The Origins of An Empath

So in many ways, what we call “empaths” exist, but the lane their abilities grow may scandalize you. While it’s true that some people are born naturally sensitive, many empaths can also gain their capabilities of insight from their early childhood knows. When one has been traumatized as a child, for example, he or she learns strategies to adapt and live in such a way that many other children do not.

These survival mechanisms, some of which can be maladaptive in adulthood, can also be used to serve them and the nations of the world when applied from an empowered residence. As adults, empaths have the unique predicament of steering a nature that shuns and cancels their experiences, while at the same time relies on them for their wisdom.

Much of what is written on being an empath focuses on the positive aspects of what it’s like to be an empath, but there is a dark and powerful undercurrent to being an empath that is often not discussed.

Frankly, amply empowered empaths are badass emotional ninjas and potent alchemists. They simply have to learn how to tune into their power and trust their inner counseling in order to tap into the magic that is rightfully theirs.

Here are five methods empaths and highly sensitive people event the world differently and how they can own their strength in doing so :

1. Empaths and very sensitive beings are psychological investigators .

Not simply can they “read” the vigor of a room when they first enter it, empaths are likewise unusually attuned to micro changes in facial expressions, displacements in tone of voice or how misaligned someone’s body language may be from what they are actually saying. The problem is, they’ve been gaslighted so frequently and told they were too sensitive as children that they learn how to block out these penetrations as a acces to become socially “acceptable.”

Remember: many of these highly sensitive mortals had to learn how to survive in a war zone as children. That means they had to pick up on subtle signs, on even the tiniest changes in their medium in order to survive. They had to learn the exact tone of voice that indicated that Daddy was about to go on a rampage attempt so they could “avoid” it somehow; they had to put out feelers for when their father might punch them- or when the schoolyard bullies were likely to swoop in on the playground.

While this type of damage can rarely justification hypervigilance, it can also lead to a tremendous amount of hunch into the human condition . Empaths find that they are more often right than they are wrong- and as they learn from their life ordeals, what they dismiss as “paranoia” turn out to be accurate reflections of what other beings miss in their hasten to make decisions based on surface-level interactions.

Their they are able to pick up on the emotions of others in a manner that is adept and nuanced is unparalleled. When the force in a area is high and vibrant, empaths feel the full magnificence of it. “High vibes” are spiritually orgasmic to an empath who is receptive enough. On the other hand, when there are psychological ghouls hiding about with their pathological hatred and their unnecessary spite, empaths feel the full “shock” of that more- they feel the life force sucked out of them rather quickly. Yet they can track subtle intensities as well; they feel the undercurrent of an spirit in a person that others may miss- such as a clue of mistrust that hues a person’s tone of elation, or a sense of anger in an otherwise restraint speech.

Empaths can usually tell when people are lying( even if it’s simply lying to themselves ). They can sense when something is “off” or feel strange sensations before stunning transformations. Their past suffers of damage( if any) do not make their prophecies or insights a indebtednes; on the contrary, they make for more accurate “readings.” Some empaths can even immediately sense the excitements another person is feeling( though they may not know it at the time ).

Empaths can pick up on the disdain under someone’s niceties; they can feel when someone has a hidden motive. At the same time, they can also celebrate and feel the full wallop of a person’s spirit when they are genuine. Their uncommon revelation into someone’s true character and how they feel beyond their public facade has a habit of get them into trouble- so they learn to stay quiet and compliant even though there is a riot inside of them that tells them to listen.

learn to honor their abilities and use them with confidence; they don’t ask validation from outside sources to follow their instincts. They go for it . And when they do, they usually attained and stimulate others around them to wonder how they did it. How is it that someone could NOT follow the “formula, ” the “protocol, ” “the status quo, ” yet still get it right? How could someone instinctively gumption something shady about someone who is seemingly kind and innocent- simply for everyone else, years later, uncover that their impulses “re probably right”?

“How did they know? ” Or “I never would’ve expected that was true” are frequent reactions of foreigners to the revelations of empaths- specially if an empath “raised the alarm” so to speak on a highly suspect but covert wolf operating as a sheep. But their intuitive abilities, unfortunately, come with a price: they have to develop a deep idea in themselves in spite of what everyone else feels or says.

They may even have to risk persecution in the process. Truly empowered empaths learn that this risk is worth it- because the other risk would mean sacrificing whom they absolutely are and what they know deep down to be true.

2. Toxic characters affection empaths and these relationships can be the breeding ground for self-destruction .

Malignant narcissists tend to prey on empaths because they know there is plenty of energy, resources and support to “feed” on. Empaths can increase the energy of those around them with the richness of their psychological labor and ability to honor other views. Narcissists be understood that special endowment in empaths and they seek to curate and collect the resources available to the empath who are capable of further aid their agenda.

When you think about it, noxious people can use empaths as a road to shortcircuit their acces to success and bypas their own need for healing. They use the compassion of empaths to get away with their lethal demeanor without ever being held accountable for it; they manipulate their willingness to adapt and their resilience to ensnare them into an abuse hertz; they benefit from being associated with a kind-hearted, compassionate individual to raise their social uppercase and quality. They feast on the magnanimity of empaths “as if its” a daily banquet, without having to give much in return( narcissists, after all, are empathy-deficient souls ).

In prescribe to refuse the “dine and dash” strategies of a devouring psychological ogre, empaths have to learn to nourish themselves with self-care rather than settle for shreds in their relationships. The drained and expended empath is often the one putting his or her needs on the back burner while endlessly providing others .

know they are not responsible for someone else’s destructive action; they know how to show compassion from great distances if they are required to; and most importantly, they honor themselves enough to cherish and imagine reciprocity as a must-have in their relationships. They know how to engage in progressive self-care, with the full conviction that the more they learn to care for themselves, the more they’ll have to give to others.

3. Empaths can become indiscriminate emotional sponges if they’re not scrupulous, sucking negativity or toxic reproach that isn’t theirs to carry.

The strange thing about empaths is that they can get even the most unlikely person to open up and tell their life story in seconds- without even meaning to.

This is because although there is empaths often have broken hearts, they remain open-hearted by nature. Beings intuitively trust them because they too tend to wear their natures on their sleeves. Even “the worlds largest” emotionally closed off empath often has slivers of open-heartedness, of luminous light sneak out from the crevices of their person, that invite parties to share their darkness with them. From a spiritual view, empaths are natural healers and their birthright healing. They come into this world to heal- to mend themselves and others- which can make them susceptible to toxic sorts looking to exploit their vigour for their own agenda.

Conversations with an empath can cause cathartic healing on both sides- or they can end in fatigue for the empath, if an empath is not fully entitled with health boundaries.

The darkness of this ability is that while empaths carry immense strength to help in healing, they often forget to heal themselves in the process.

Unlike someone who is not an empath, even the quickest of social interactions, if they are emotionally loaded from input from the other person, can lead to quick depletion. There has to be a sort of “cleansing of the psyche” that has to take place after even just one interaction, and walls typically have to be brought up to protect the empath.

An empath has to practice grounding proficiencies such as meditation to reconnect with themselves and clear themselves of any negative, disempowering energy arising under other people.

They can clear out toxicity from their bodies applying diverse forms of mind-body healing modalities like yoga, rub, or even Reiki. They may benefit from envisaging a physical shield around them, a obstruction of sortings to combat any pernicious force coming their method. Other empaths may enjoy more spiritual cleansing exerts such as burning incense around their physical spaces or simply expend time in nature to revitalize their intensity. It all depends on the particular empath and what they feel most empowered doing.

benefit enormously from establishing healthy bounds from the onslaught; they know what they will and will not tolerate and they also know which load is theirs to carry. What’s more, they follow through with their borderlines and are able to cut off noxious interactions before they have a chance to escalate.

4. They have an immense amount of ability, but they usually don’t know how to own it .

Empaths are like finely tuned instruments; they are sharp in their intuition, their capacity to build acts happen and in their “knowing”- which sees them incredible manifestors when they are fully entitled. They can pretty much manifest anything and everything, so long as they learn to let go of their affection( and many self-defeating neuroses) associated with it. Big reveries can intensify for empaths at an alarming rate; abundance can come in massive ripples; adore and appreciation can inundate their lives, if they are open to it.

The disempowerment arises when self-doubt eating away at the empath. After all, their capabilities also come from a lifetime’s worth of societal invalidation. They learn lessons from a young age that their abilities is no longer welcomed- especially to those who benefit from shielding others from the truth( their abusers and oppressors ).

To own their strength, empaths tend to flourish when they seek self-validation and surround themselves with nourishing fellow empaths like themselves. Empaths replaced when they realize that they can be both scientific and spiritual; when they can marry their hunch with their intellect; and when they chase after the daydreams that their people are most aligned with.

Being cozy with owning the immensity of their power is one of the biggest overcomes an empath has to go through in order to achieve at the high level they were meant to; but once they recognize it is connected with the greater healing of the world, they can’t wait to venture out on a greater mission while exemplifying the grace of their true-life gifts.

5. They are multifaceted, complex and so are their excitements.

Empaths are not all “light and love.” Far from it. Numerous struggle with depression, feeling, many cravings and self-doubt due to their high sensibility and receptiveness to taking on the spirits of others.

The intensity of the spirits empaths knowledge( whether these excitements are their own or residual energetic vibes from others) can leave them easily drained. Their spirits are part of an intricate web of their own sensings, the sensings, reactions and excitements of others around them, as well as their own ardours towards the way others feel. If see that convict alone felt wearying, congratulations- now you get a sense of how an empath feels on a daily basis!

This emotional strength can be a pathway to self-destruction if empaths are not meticulous . Many highly sensitive individuals can resort to “numbing” activities to block out their increased ardours- whether that be overeating, abusing elements or was carried out in undesirable relations -so they don’t have to confront the weight of their own pain.

It’s important that as empaths we learn to channel the vigour of our emotions into constructive stores and streets for healing. Art therapy, journaling, usage, and counseling are all excellent examples of ways in which empaths can express themselves and lift their energy without feeling drained. Numerous empaths also succeed in healing professings when they are able to properly place bounds with clients.

That being said, as empaths, our greatest responsibility lies in healing ourselves- only when we are fully empowered will be able to help in the healing travel of others. Empaths and highly sensitive parties are natural caretakers, so they gravitate towards doing what they feel will best help the person they are interacting with. They “anticipate” the passions and reactions of others( which they are required to do as children in order to survive) and this habit can become maladaptive if not employed in conjunction with self-care. Empaths have to learn to cater to their own needs, too. They have to learn how to be receptive to also being “served” and take good care by others.

learn to stop justify for their lusts and realise the validity of owning them with full force. They learn to anticipate their emotions and prepare themselves mentally for whatever is to come.

Most importantly of all, empaths must learn that they are able to own their shadows- the darkest parts of themselves lend great insight about how to powerfully integrate various aspects of themselves to become whole. This doesn’t mean giving into that darkness, but employing it as gasoline to create more light-footed in the world rather than repressing it. Repression exclusively leads to further depression- producing these psychological ailments to the surface, however, makes them a greater chance to be exposed to medicine and heal.

For every entitled empath, there is a rebirth when they learn to be their authentic selves- specially when they arrive in the world again as beings who fully incarnate everything that makes them so strong in the first place.

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