The Day She Scheduled to Die Was the 1 Day She Experienced OKThen She Laid in Front of the Instruct

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It was a really bright sunny period. It was the one day I sort of find OK, and thats because I knew I was going to die.

Helen Galsworthy recollects it like it was yesterday. It was June 19, 2007 the last day she planned to be alive.

Life was so grim and hopeless for the 18 -year-old that she saw no other way out. She laid down in front of a study to outcome it all, but after a failed suicide strive that left her with no legs, she’s located hope and merriment in a home she never would’ve concluded possible for her: motherhood. Helen saw a new determination when life wasn’t just about her anymore, and now she’s reached it her life’s mission to help others suffering from mental health problems.

Seven years later, watch how God wreaked Helen from ashes to beauty through the incredible endowment of being a mommy.

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