The trouble with Kate Winslet’s story about not settling for ‘fat girl parts.’

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Kate Winslet took residence a prestigious give, but it’s what she responded after that’s seeing news.

Over the weekend, Winslet took residence the award for better supporting actress at the BAFTAs for her persona in “Steve Jobs.” During the backstage news conference, she shared a personal tale about growing up and being told the “might do OK if[ she] was happy to settle for the fatty girl parts.”

Why should she have to “settle” for anything? And why is “fat girl parts” meant to be an insult?

“Fat” is not an insult. “Fat” should not be an insult. “Fat” should be an adjective. It has nothing to do with your moral attribute or whom you or what youre capable of. “Fat” is not an revile.

GIFs from HeyUGuys/ YouTube.

And so she dedicated the bestow to women who’ve been put down by others for whatever reasonablenes, to ask them to push on through criticism to achieve their goals.

Super inspiring, right ?

Please clap. GIF from “Citizen Kane.”

But wait, what’s wrong with “fat girl parts”?

That drama teacher who put down Winslet when she was 14 wasn’t simply reviling her, but all women fat and otherwise.

And wouldn’t it be cool if instead of labelling women who don’t fit conventional elegance standards, we celebrated them just as they find themselves? Wouldn’t it be cool if more beings in the movies resembled the different kinds of beings we see in everyday life?

Here are seven actresses who have espoused mas positivity, touching off the notion that “fat girl parts” are something to be ashamed of.

1. Gabourey Sidibe

2. Melissa McCarthy

3. Amber Riley

4. Rebel Wilson

5. Lena Dunham

6. Nikki Blonsky

7. Kate Winslet a familiar appearance !

Watch Winslet bask in the BAFTA win afterglow.( Her “fat girl parts” commentaries start around six minutes in !)

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