These photos triumphed a National Geographic contest, and they’re stunning.

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For over 120 years, National Geographic has brought the world to your doorstep.

The iconic periodical, Tv channel, and brand has built their figure showcasing the planet’s most beautiful and exotic places in writing and photography.

Every single month, the glossy, high-resolution pages of National Geographic are filled with some of the best photography in the world.

They too brace an annual photography tournament, open to amateurs and parties outside of Nat Geo’s employ. It’s a chance for photographers all over the world to showcase their work.

The 2016 winners of the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year contest were announced in July.

As you can imagine, they are breathtaking:

Winter Horseman” by Anthony Lau( Mongolia)

Grand prize winner. All epitomes kindnes of National Geographic.

“The winter in Inner Mongolia is very unforgiving, ” writes photographer Anthony Lau. “At a freezing temperature of minus twenty and lower, with a constant breeze of snowfall from all guidance, it was pretty hard to convince myself to get out of the car and take photos.”

Wherever You Proceed, I Will Follow” by Hiroki Inoue( Japan)

“Nature” first place winner.

“It was the time of day immediately after sundown. I heard a singer. ‘Wherever you go, I will follow you’ the singer says.” Photographer Hiroki Inoue.

Ben Youssef by Takashi Nakagawa( Morocco)

“Cities” first place winner.

“Even though there were a lot of people in Ben Youssef, still there was more quiet and loosening compare to the street outside in Marrakesh, ” wrote Takashi Nakagawa. “I was waiting for the perfect timing to photograph for long time.”

Rooftop Dreams, Varanasi” by Yasmin Mund( India)

“People” second place winner.

“I arrived at my guest house in Varanasi at 5:30 am, ” wrote Yasmin Mund. “I instinctively climbed the 7 starts of stairs to the rooftop( which happened to be the highest in the vicinity) to find the sunup over the famous Ganges River. As the sunlight was rising I ogled over the right hand back of the balcony and my jaw drooped with disbelief.”

Double Trapping” by Massimiliano Bencivenni( Brazil)

“Nature” second place winner.

“I was in the Brazilian Pantanal along the Rio Negrinho, ” wrote Massimiliano Bencivenni. “I be understood that the river, at particular levels of the loops, developed the locations where there were many yacare caimans. I accompanied a yacare submerge unexpectedly, and I instantly looked for the best location to photograph where reference is resurfaced. The whole concept lasted simply a fraction of a moment.”

Silenced” by Wing Ka H.( China)

“Cities” second place winner.

“This photo was taken on my last-place tour to Guangzhou, China, ” wrote Wing Ka H. “This place is the school dormitories of South China Normal University. When I was hanging around, almost all cases were taking a break. After lunchtime, they needed to go back to study.”

Remote Life” by Mattia Passarini( India)

“People” third place winner.

This woman is carrying a log to warm up her home in the remote hamlet of Himachal Pradesh.

Lagunas Baltinache” by Victor Lima( Chile)

“Nature” third place winner.

“I started alone on this adventure to experience epitomes not yet published of the most arid desert in countries around the world and its differs, ” wrote photographer Victor Lima. “Despite the Atacama Desert being one of the best residences on countries around the world to do nighttime photography, in my prior study I discovered that there were not many night photos in the main tourist ends there.”

Celestial Reverie” by Jeremy Tan( Malaysia)

“Cities” third place winner.

“Lightning apparently strikes Komtar Tower, “the worlds largest” iconic landmark of George Town, capital of Penang state in Malaysia, during a thunderstorm. It is symbolic of the rejuvenation that the city, far-famed for a unique mixture of centuries-old constructs and modern designs, has enjoyed in recent years.” Photographer Jeremy Tan.

Muscle Beach Gym” by Dotan Saguy( USA)

“People” honorable mention.

The iconic Muscle Beach Gym in Venice Beach, California.

Bears on a Berg” by John Rollins( Canadian Arctic)

“Nature” honorable mention.

“To me, the relative smallness of these large mortals when in comparison with the immensity of the iceberg in the photo represents the precariousness of the polar bear’s reliance on the sea and ocean frost for its existence, ” wrote John Rollins.

Divide” by Kathleen Dolmatch( USA)

“Cities” honorable mention.

“From a doorless helicopter examining south on Central Park West, segmenting the building and Central Park, ” wrote Kathleen Dolmatch. “The flight was my birthday gift.”

It perhaps seems like there’s a lot of ugliness in the world lately.

Terrorist attempts, shootings, political drama it’s exhausting.

But it’s nice to be reminded that there’s always attractivenes in the world, and sometimes it takes a keen, highly trained see to find it.

Photographers often have to wait around for hours or epoches to capture likeness like these. They have to climb on ceiling or go in helicopters or put themselves in dangerous smudges just to grab a single instant of the world’s intense and fleeting glamour.

When they do, it’s so worth noting. Because we all get to enjoy it.

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