They were expecting a child. But when he was ” assume” this child ended my middle in two

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He came a few weeks too early, underdeveloped and very little chance at living. Nevertheless, little Walter Joshua Fretzs arrival into the world was important to a lot of people.

Alexis, aka Lexi, was having a ordinary maternity. Everything was get as schemed and there were no clues that an early birth would happen.

In the summer of 2013 a tendernes was felt by Lexi. She began hemorrhaging heavy. She rang her midwife and was taken to the hospital immediately. There she began unexpectedly going into contractions.

Joshua came out after only 19 weeks. Much too early. He was not expected to survive. Then came the miracle.

Little Joshua started breathing and Lexi laid him on her tit. A heartbeat was sense. It was an fantastically special moment for mom.

Joshua was simply not strong enough to continue though. After he transferred, dad carefully filches him up and views him.

Big sister yielded her little brother one last goodbye as they all grew appreciative to have that short window of time to spend with Joshua, and this overwhelmed the mourning of the overall situation.

Lexi will never forget that summary window that Joshua shined and took his first and last breathes of life.

Thank for spreading so much delight Joshua!

This mom, and her family, chose to see the grace in life, despite the brevity of the overall interests and grieving events encircling it. Feeling the heartbeat of Joshua was something to be cherished forever.

Share this wonderful story of a strong mother and her family who chose to be thankful for the moment the selection board had with their little Joshua.

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