“This Isnt the Body I Fell in Love With”: Husbands Response to Wifes Postpartum Body Will Bring You to Tears

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From the countless magazine treats plastered with waif patterns to web ads oozing with the next revolutionary weight-loss hack, it’s hard to get away from the cultural narrative that screams “ scrawny is BETTER . ” Reportedly, “a total of 75 percent of all American maidens endorse some undesirable designs, feelings or behaviours are attributable to food or their bodies” … and those are just the ones who admitted to it in a investigation .

If we’re being honest with ourselves, we’ve ALL probably had those designs at some time in our lives.

In this era of Photoshopped thighs and girls contracting every-eating-disorder-under-the-sun, it’s become fairly the trend to champ body-positive thoughts and self-acceptance through social media.

You’ve all investigated the memes.

“I’m so Flaw-some”…


And “Imperfection is beauty”…


Those repeats look all adorable when packaged in their Pinterest-perfect graphics, but to what degree do we actually believe them?

Particularly after having babes, it’s not uncommon for a woman’s body confidence to plummet to an all-time low. Your tight abs are replaced with post-baby flab and your once supple surface now endures the marks of tiger-striped extend marks.

How’s that for feeling attractive ?… Particularly when it comes to pleasing the man who fell in love with the once-upon-a-Barbie-bod version of you.

Well for Mum on the Run, Laura Mazza, that’s something she’s eventually starting to be at peace with after warring for years over her fading lookings. But what’s most beautiful is her husband’s response to her insecurities about “the body he didn’t fall in love with.”

In a viral Facebook post, Laura bares her mettle about the wonderful human who examinations past her pull traces and straight into the soul of the mother who bore his children 😛 TAGEND

“This isn’t the body you fallen in love with.”

I said to him.


The body he fallen in love with was toned, it had muscles, there were no stretch labels on my belly , nothing on my boobs , no intestine from muscle separation.

The body he fell in love with be incorporated into close-fisted jeans, could walk into a browse and grab different sizes and walk out, knowing it fit.

This body now couldn’t shop at those supermarkets, and principally wears leggings. His body stayed the same, but mine altered in every space. It isn’t fair…

I stood in front of him, depleted and interrupted, the tears welled in my gazes, “this isn’t the body you fell in love with.” Then he said, “you’re right. It isn’t their own bodies I fell in love with.

Instead it’s a body that developed our children, it fed “their childrens”, it comforted our children, it became life. Your body is the one I fall in love with every day

I didn’t know what charity was until I saw this body and found out all it is unable to do, so thank you.”

Do not be ashamed of what you have, or what your mum body looks like, there’s plenty of time to give up cake in the future, for now, experience the moments you have, and experience the facts of the case that you have made something that is worth every pull tag and every dimple.

If you needed a remember, this is it, this figure you have now, its value every bit of love and more.

Laura’s statements of encouragement are a powerful remember that the body we have IS worth adoring … And likewise, it is NOT infused with the kind of grace that lasts.

“Charm is misleading, and glamour is fleeting; but a woman who panics the LORD is gonna be praised.”~ Proverbs 31:30

Share this inspiring message with a woman who needs to hear these shrewd words today. I know I did . [?]

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