This Woman Use Makeup To Change Her Face Into Famous Works Of Art

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Not too long ago, we initiated “youve got to” Ryan Krasney, the grace guru whouses makeup to alter her cheeks into all sorts of beautiful mini masterpieces.

If you thought her painted pouts were pretty awesome, you’ll be glad to know Krasney isn’t the only makeup master out there exploiting her own torso as a blank canvas.

Lexie Lazear is a talented female from California whoalso knows a concept or two about utilizing cosmetics to cause some hypnotize toils of living art.

For her latest campaign, Lazear set out to create a stupefying sequence of makeup lookings inspired by depicts from various categories of famed artists.

She’smastered everything from pretty Picasso styles to astonishing Degas-inspired designs.

Lazear uprights all of her superb makeup on Instagram, and there’s no denying her cosmetic innovations search simply staggering, to say the least.

Take a look at the pictures below to consider some of Lazear’s beautylooksinspired by famous paintings.

MeetLexie Lazear.

Lazear is a seriously talented makeup creator from California…

Whouses her appearance as a blank canvas…

…to create all sorts of mesmerizingmakeup gazes inspired by famous works of art.

No genuinely, her makeup is so incredible…

…it was essentially move you scream rainbow-colored snaps of joy.

Apparently, Lazear came up with the idea to recreate iconic depicts while staringat the water’s thoughts in Van Goghs “Starry Night Over the Rhone.”

Since then, she’s mastered all sorts ofartist-approved makeup looks.

We’ve construed her deck her look out in a stunning array of shadesinspired by Degas’ dancers…

…and paint herself into a real-life version of Picasso’s moaning girl.

She’s captured the glamour ofGustav Klimt’scolorful shapes…

Recreated Renoir’s fabulous blooms on her lips…

…and managed to convertherself into a Czanne-worthy work of art exploiting some simple-minded cosmetics.

All ofLazear’s ogles are truly marvelous, and if you ask me, these spectacular makeup creationsare definitely good enough to be on display in a museum.

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