Wait until reviewers of #OscarsSoWhite catch Sanders’ brand-new ad

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Bernie Sanders has exhausted a brand-new feel-good safarus ad that establishes the classic hand-in-hand Coca-Cola ads of the’ 70 s look downright cynical. Rather than buying the world a Coke( which should be free, by the way ), Sanders employs “America” bySimon and Garfunkel to serve as the soundtrack to a countryof bucolic elegance, bustling small businesses, and piles and lots of hugs.

We can understand if the slew of a live moo-cow confounds Beltway insiders, but David Brock, founder of the pro-Hillary Clinton super-PAC Correct the Record, said here ad coats a “bizarre” picture of America.” From this ad it seems pitch-black lives don’t matter much to Bernie Sanders ,” he added.

And yet, it’s not as white-hot as the Democrat campaigners for chairman, including those who have since dropped out.

Sanders certainly encountered friction early on in the campaign hertz with #BlackLivesMatter, whose members interrupted hisappearanceatNetroots Society and hijacked his campaign rally in Seattle. But by September, Sanders was harbouring an hour-long meeting with #BlackLivesMatter’s DeRay Mckesson and entourage to discuss the criminal justice improvement initiative known as Campaign Zero.

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