Watch Carrie Fisher’s First ‘Star Wars’ Audition Tape With Harrison Ford

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Over the past three years, this time of year has become less about the galas of Christmas, and more about the enthusiasm of the most recent Star Wars movie release.

When it was announced that the now Disney-owned franchise would be reintroducing members of the original direct in their sequel epic, followers couldn’t wait to see what had become of our beloved heroes Luke Skywalker( Mark Hamill ), Han Solo( Harrison Ford) and Princess Leia Organa, who was of course played by the beautiful Carrie Fisher. However , now this time of year too acts as a agonizing remember that on December 27, 2016, the galaxy lost their favorite princess, after Carrie Fisher passed away at persons under the age of 60. But as a final knack, followers can still watch Fisher put on one hell of a action in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi . But as we rejoice in her final conduct as Leia Organa, her original audition tape for the very first Star Wars movie ( Episode IV: A New Hope ) has resurfaced online. Not merely are you able immediately witness the expertise, confidence, swagger and glamour that George Lucas patently ensure, but as a bonus plow, she is reading pipelines with none other than her on-screen husband, Harrison Ford. Check it out below:

It’s worth pointing out that Harrison Ford has still not been throw as smuggler Han Solo as of this audition, he was just do George Lucas a advantage and construe paths with the actors! It’s amazing to see Fisher in such an early time in her busines, as she’s so synonymous with Princess Leia, it’s almost like she was born for the role and shouldn’t have had to audition! She will forever be missed.

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