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The government is planning a brand-new high-speed rail network, from London to Birmingham and to Manchester and Leeds, known as HS2.

Ministers say it will improve the transport network and lift the economy, but there has been arguing about the exact itinerary of the line and its effect on all people living near it. Here are the key points that we are aware in so far.

What is HS2?

The initial project is for a new railway line between London and the West Midlands carrying 400 m-long( 1,300 ft) improves with as numerous as 1,100 tushes per train.

They would control at speeds of up to 250 mph – faster than any current operating rush in Europe – and would operate as often as 14 eras per hour in each direction.

This would be followed by a V-shaped second phase taking business from Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds.

The Department for Transport says there will be almost 15,000 tushes an hour on learns between London and the cities of Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds – treble the current capacity.

What will the second phase involve?

In November 2016, the governmental forces corroborated the street for the second stage – from Crewe to Manchester and the West Midlands to Leeds.

A new HS2 station will be built next to Manchester Piccadilly, with a spur to take HS2 to another brand-new station at Manchester Airport.

The decision on how to run the line to Sheffield has been delayed. The government’s was in favour of option is for the primary HS2 route to run east of Sheffield but for a spurring to take passengers to Sheffield city centre.

When will it open and how often will it cost?

Image copyright HS2

The first stage of the 56 bn railway is due to open in December 2026, with teaches to hurtle at high speed between London and Birmingham before continuing on the existing West Coast Main Line.

But earlier this year, the Public Report Committee cast indecisions on this deadline .~ ATAGEND calling it “overly ambitious”.

The onward legs to Manchester and Leeds could start being built in the middle of the coming decade, with the line open by 2032 -3 3.

In June 2013 the government reworked the cost of the project upwards, due to an increase in the quantity of tunnelling required on the itinerary. This took the estimated budget from 32.7 bn to 42.6 bn at present costs – with the cost of its second phase increasing from 16 bn to 22 bn.

Could the HS2 project be delivered quicker?

The scheme’s chairman, Sir David Higgins, supposed house is currently working on the north area should be accelerated to reach as far as Crewe by 2027, instead of proposing for Birmingham by 2026.

In a report for the governmental forces, called HS2 Plus, he said the second phase of HS2 could then be completed by 2030 instead of 2033.

Sir David likewise called for a most comprehensive developed at HS2’s London hub, Euston station.

What does HS2 mean for passengers?

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Click to see content: hs2_journey_times

The Department for Transport alleges development projects will cut Birmingham-London journey experiences from 1hr 21 min to 49 min.

Once the second phase is complete, Manchester-London journeys would take 1hr 8min( down from 2hr 8min ), and Birmingham-Leeds 57 min( down from 2hr ). This would effectively reduce wander durations between London and Edinburgh and Glasgow by an hour to 3hr 30 min.

The government is of the opinion that there innovation will free up capacity on overcrowded passenger directions. It likewise approximates the new wire could assign 4.5 million journeyings a year from the air and nine million from the roads, reduce the amount of lorries on busy routes.

What about diets?

There has been no announcement on ticket prices. The authority announces a project proposal “assume a grubs design in line with that of the existing railway” and that HS2 could make ample expect and income without shall be required to cost premium charges. It guesses total diet total revenues of up to 34 bn over a 60 -year period.

Who are the winners…

Old Oak Common in north-west London will be altered from a runway depot to a 14 -platform interchange station and will provide rapidly connections to center London, the City and Heathrow airport. The authority expects the station to support some 20,000 new jobs The northern metropolitans served by the new strand, which will be better connected to each other and to the south of England Commuters on the West Coast Main line. Network Rail calculates the line will be full by 2024 and it’s hoped HS2 will significantly reduce the striving Regions further away from the line, like Wales, aren’t expected to see any economic benefits and could lose positions as a result Butterflies, bats and birds. The Wildlife Trusts speak both phases directly alter natural reserve and wildlife sites which could lead to a net loss in biodiversity The Chilterns, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire – here, historic structures are at risk of damage or demolition, and standing inhabitants will face sound pollution Residents in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, could lose their homes .~ ATAGEND There, a brand-new house estate could face demolition to make way for a redirected street to Sheffield Thousands of those who live in Camden , north London, appearance years of disturbance during its second phase. Duties of the Regent’s Park Estate will likewise be bulldozed Image caption The plan has attracted fierce disapproval from some of those living on the intended direction

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