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It’s International Women’s Day, so we’re taking a moment away from our very regular programming to highlight bad-ass girl entrepreneurs. We spoke to Dara Levy, a leader in the beauty space. Dara is the founder of DERMAFLASH, a groundbreaking medicine that makes in-spa dermaplaning to the privacy of your residence. Since Dara started DERMAFLASH in 2016, it’s appeared on shelves at Nordstrom and on QVC, and over 100,000 DERMAFLASH designs were sold in 2018 after the relaunch. DERMAFLASH is making an effort to empower women to watch and feel better in their own surface, and so far, they’ve facilitated tens of thousands of women.

Dara started out in corporate finance, but after losing her first husband to cancer, she decided to take her job in an entirely new counseling by opening a med spa. It was there that she marked her in-office dermaplaning medicine. Soon after, she realized dames want to be able to get smooth, radiant skin in the comfort of their own homes, so she devised DERMAFLASH, and it took off. We sat down with Dara to ask about how she got began with DERMAFLASH, what obstacles she faced as a female entrepreneur, other admonition she has for women looking to start their own business, and more.

What acquired you want to start DERMAFLASH?
I owned a high-end med spa which is something we specialise in dermaplaning. We exchanged over 6,000 therapies in 5 years. Ladies would walk in seeming tired and accented, and walk out smiling, brightening, standing taller, and feeling more confident in their own skin immediately after medicine. One epoch I had an epiphany and realise ALL females hope smooth, radiant, fuzz-free surface; nonetheless, most do not have access to a spa that offers the treatment, and the cost of a single dermaplaning care is prohibitive to most and that an at-home dermaplaning mixture was not available. So … I exchanged my spa and got to work. In 2016, DERMAFLASH was born!

What were the biggest obstacles you faced when starting your business?
DERMAFLASH genuinely represents a brand-new paradigm in beauty. This is not another red lipstick. Here i am education involved and discrediting of old stories. NO, your hair will NOT come in thicker, darker, or fuller after exploiting this machine. First and foremost, DERMAFLASH is an exfoliating tool that is clinically proven to improve the appearing of your skin while at the same time removing pesky peach fuzz. There is a lot exfoliating methods and implements on world markets. Numerous have the potential of effecting inflammation, and nothing of them address the whisker on a woman’s face. There is also a myriad of facial fuzz removal alternatives such as waxing, threading, and lasers, all of which come with sting and jeopardy of downsides like folliculitis, hyperpigmentation, etc. and yet do absolutely nothing for the quality of your skin. DERMAFLASH is truly a magical wand that addresses both issues with no pain , no downtime, and no inflammation. The results are instant, and skin continues to improve each time you use the device.

Why do you swear by dermaplaning?
I have been an avid dermaplaner for over 20 times, and at 58, I am sure that is why the quality of my skin is as good as it is. When we are young, our scalp cadres turn over every 28 daytimes and then they slow down as we age. Dermaplaning and now DERMAFLASH actually removes the oldest coating of dead scalp cadres and built-up debris and spurs cellular turnover and microcirculation. Too, dead skin cells and peach fuzz act as a barrier to produce penetration, therefore, removing them allows your skincare to do its profession most effectively. When we remove the peach fuzz, light-footed is actually is able to bounce off the planes of your skin, giving you that ignited from within radiance. Peach fuzz too gets in accordance with the rules of makeup; DERMAFLASH composes a flawless canvas for makeup. Many dames report feeling extremely pleased about their surface after employing DERMAFLASH that they wear far less makeup or nothing at all!

DERMAFLASH LUXE Dermaplaning Device

Are there certain people who should not try it?
DERMAFLASH has been established for ALL girls, regardless of age, skin colour, type or shade. It is appropriate for even the more sensitive scalp. The exceptions is acneic skin. Those with active acne or open sores should not use the invention until the zits or heightened lines have calmed down.

What was the most important thing you learned in the process of creating DERMAFLASH?
If it can go wrong, it will. That which does not kill you represents you stronger.

What was the most wonderful slouse of admonition you received when starting your business?
Focus, have your “one thing” that sets you apart from everybody else out there. Be sincere, because joy exchanges. My rage for DERMAFLASH has never wavered.

What admonition would you give to other women looking to start a business?
Get out there and do it. You can always find a million grounds( justifies) why it won’t run. If someone tells you why it will not work, travel find someone who tell me something why it will! Network, find people who believes in your vision…Think it’s real!

Do you think we need more female entrepreneurs?
Utterly! Women bringing a different dimension to business. We nurse ourselves to a higher standard, which is a boon and a expletive. There is nothing a humankind can do that a woman cannot, and that is what we must instill[ an entrepreneurial spirit] in all young woman. If you say you can, you will! If you say you can’t, you most certainly will not.

What’s next for DERMAFLASH? any new commodities in the works?
We have already been propelled an amazing all in one multi-tasking SPF 50 tinted primer that acts as a primer, sunblock or light makeup. This produce leaves the most beautiful satiny finish and a striking universal hue that suits ALL scalp atmospheres. This summer we have an incredible brand-new and exciting propel that they are able to add to our robust pipe of innovative multitasking answers. We are all about empowering women to feel good about themselves in their own skin, with or without makeup. We prime the canvas: she decides how or if to coat it. DERMAFLASH products perfect the scalp and get you camera-ready….no filter required.

DERMAFLASH DERMAPROTECT Daily Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50+

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