Why This Brand New Vogue Cover Is So Thrilling

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There are so many reasonableness we’d is ready to placed 2016 behind us. Ashley Graham and Vogue aren’t among them.

The high fashion glossy’s British publication chose Graham as its January 2017 cover-up stellar. It’s the first time a plus-size framework has appeared on the consider of Vogue U.K ., according to Fashionista.

Patrick Demarchelier/ British Vogue Shot by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue U.K.

Shot by famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier, Graham seems as natural and stunning as ever in an embellished casing, flowing hair and a refreshingly little quantity of makeup.

The move isn’t altogether surprising considering British Vogue editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman’s longstanding affections against the “ridiculous” size-exclusive nature of the fashion industry. The shifting toward a more diverse better standards of glamour has so far happened largely in the mainstream, reductions in high fashion.

Graham and other plus-size simulations have appeared in various publications of Vogue before, but by putting her on the plow a smudge so highly begrudged by models and celebrities alike British Vogue is helping normalize the use of most diverse wives that can and should be provided in high fashion without warranting a communication every time. Bravo.

See the full shoot in the January issue of British Vogue, on sale Monday, Dec. 5.

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